Protesters Demanding an Audit of the 2020 Election in PA Gathered in Harrisburg

A large group of activists gathered in Harrisburg on Wednesday afternoon. They called for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania, bashed ACT 77 and called on PA lawmakers for support. The grassroots rally was primarily organized by “Audit The Vote PA“, a Pennsylvania group that has been calling for election integrity in the state.

A Pennsylvania legislative delegation recently visited Arizona’s election audit site in Maricopa County. PA Senator Doug Mastriano, who attended the Arizona trip, praised their efforts and called for an audit in the keystone state.

“Here in Pennsylvania, a cloud of suspicion hangs over the 2020 General Election. Hundreds of sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses alleging fraud, irregularities, and illegal behavior during the election have lain dormant. Our Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General intentionally ignored them and conspired to ensure this evidence would not be investigated or heard in the court of law,” Mastriano said in an op-ed. “A county audit like the one authorized by the Arizona State Senate is critically necessary for our Commonwealth.”

So far, delegates from over a dozen states have toured the Maricopa audit site.

As far as an audit in PA goes, the prospects appear hazy. State Rep. Seth Grove, who chairs the House State Government Committee, has thrown cold water on the prospects of an audit. “The PA House of Representatives will not be authorizing any further audits on any previous election,” Grove wrote in a tweet. “We are focused on fixing our broken election law to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

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