Lou Barletta Joins Calls for a Pennsylvania Election Audit

Pennsylvania Governor candidate Lou Barletta has called for a full audit of the state’s 2020 election results. “The 2020 Election in Pennsylvania was a mess. Across the Commonwealth many have lost faith in our system,” Barletta said in a tweet. “Restoring trust to our electoral process is critical. An audit of 2020 and a reform of our laws including an immediate repeal of Act 77 is crucial to restoring trust.”

Barletta joins a growing chorus of PA lawmakers, voters and activists in calling for a 2020 election audit. A Pennsylvania legislative delegation recently visited the site of Arizona’s extensive forensic audit, that has been taking place for weeks.

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers met with the delegation but allowed them to tour the audit site themselves in order to get a clear picture. The delegation was very pleased with the audit, prompting calls for a similar effort in Pennsylvania to grow. Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, who attended the tour, voiced his approval and called for an audit.

“I don’t know what’s to be concerned or upset about. Just asking for transparency,” Mastriano said. “I know the narrative from several of them over there is about overturning, there’s no extensive claims. How do we know?”

So far, delegations from thirteen states have toured the Arizona audit site. This includes delegations from Georgia, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado, among others.

Barletta — who endorsed Trump very early on while serving in the U.S. House of Representatives — became the first declared PA gubernatorial candidate to call for an audit.

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