The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Provided No Shortage Of Idiotic Takes On Twitter And In Media

I’ve been on Twitter now for about a decade, and I can say with certainty that the coronavirus pandemic has led to the dumbest, laziest, and most dishonest takes I have ever seen on the site. Our media has in my opinion hit an all time low, using a national emergency to attack the President, (who most people think is handling this crisis well) but more tellingly, defending the Chinese Communist Government.

Yet, I just can’t look away. Stupidity on the internet is crack cocaine to me.

I had to go into the belly of the beast for these awful takes, so I must really hate myself.

I combed through Hillary Clinton’s and Soledad O’Briens dumpster fire Twitter feeds so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Just a few weeks ago, the new talking point that was brought up (on MSNBC of course) was that it is racist to mention the origin of the virus, by calling it the Chinese Virus or the Wuhan Virus. The stupid takes ballooned from there.

If this is a legit poll, 55% of people are idiots. 

Also, the commies in China are smiling. From their perspective, that’s a brilliant PR campaign: China gets its puppets in the corporate media to scream “racist!” at anyone who calls them out for the virus, the woke SJWs who watch them go along for the ride, and ironically support a country that lacks basic human rights.

Congrats, libs. You played yourselves.

The media and the left have seemingly celebrated the US taking the worldwide lead in positive Covid-19 tests. Maybe, just maybe, we have so many positive tests because we have better means of testing? Shit, our tests work better than China’s.

That doesn’t matter. Anything to get Trump.

What a delightful woman. She’d make a great President. Oh wait…

Chris Hayes, the same moron who started the “calling it the Wuhan virus is racist” campaign with yet another doozie. 

If you’re looking for a good follow in a time where the idiots are at their loudest, Kurt Schlichter unapologetically gives it to these people daily, and it is incredibly gratifying to watch.

Another example of rampant stupidity is the debate between opening up the economy and prolonging the lockdown. President Trump recently said in an address to the nation that people want to get back to work, and that the consequences of mass unemployment would be catastrophic. This is 100% true. 

His critics could rebut this with something like this: “Mr. President, we need to be more cautious. This virus is still a huge threat.” Something reasonable like that.

Not the case.

“Trump wants my grandparents to die!!! Aaaahhhhhh!”

Type in #reopenamerica or #notdying4wallstreet and try not to throw your phone through the window.

Yeah great takes guys! Letting people go back to work is totally the same thing as driving over people with a trolley! So insightful!

There are a few pundits on the right, most notably radio hosts Jesse Kelly and Buck Sexton, that have been sounding the alarm when it comes to shutting down the country too long. Look at the data from times or economic hardship. Suicide and drug use spikes. This isn’t about the fat cats on Wall Street, it’s about Main Street.

But never mind my totally rational point. I care more about money than the elderly, right? Is that how it works?

Remember the “listen to the experts” folks? That only means experts who disagree with Trump. Dr. Deborah Birx is apparently pretty smart. She’s a doctor, and is highly thought of enough to be trusted with informing the country when we need it the most. 

But she agrees with Trump too much. No can do.

Got that? The evil orange dictator has her under some kind of hypnosis spell according to the New York Times. I wish I was making this up.

You can’t have a “worst political takes” list without this lady. Not possible.

Congress has proven to be a complete shit show when it came to getting a deal done. The old saying “never let a crisis go to waste” was in full effect for people like Nancy Pelosi. In addition to the relief money, we had to sneak in millions of dollars for the Kennedy Center, and countless other irrelevant Democratic platform issues.

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw a tweet defending this. This might be the dumbest of all.

Because people binging Tiger King have anything in common with giving millions in government aid to a theater? Give me a fucking break! God dammit!

Deep breaths….deep breaths…

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