President Trump Receives Massive Approval Boost During COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has fully arrived and completely taken over the news cycle of the United States. COVID-19 coverage reigns supreme and all eyes are on Trump’s response. Despite relentless media scrutiny, Trump has seen his approval rating spike.

Daily false claims and partisan attacks are just the new beginning. Members of the radical leftist media and woke Twitter are at the point where they are hoping the virus can even reach our nation’s own First Lady. From spreading false “hoax” narratives to demanding the pillaging of landlords, the full spectrum left has gone all in on this one.

Just stop and think, this is somehow normal and not out of the ordinary. Could you imagine the reaction from these people if a conservative pundit said the same of Michelle Obama? Their career would be cancelled.

But a majority of the American people are beginning to see through this. President Trump has seen a large boost to his approval because of his handling of the virus. While Trump is trying to bring people together, the woke left wants to divide in partisan efforts.

Trump’s approval has risen to 47% in a poll that over-sampled democrats (42% compared to only 35% republican) and had him a net of 13 points lower just two weeks ago. And when you get into the polling of his handling of the virus, it gets even better. A Gallup poll released on Tuesday found the President had a 60% approval of his handling of the pandemic and a 49% overall. This seemed almost impossible for a guy whose approval was in the 30’s leading up to his election.

Over the past few weeks, this has become peak Trump. He dealt with a lot of bumps in the road over the past year or two after disappointing midterm results and the impeachment saga. That said, it seems as though he’s returned as the second coming of the 2016 Donald. He has taken full control of this crisis and is prepared to do whatever means necessary. Just watch his remarks form the Tuesday press briefing.

If there’s one thing to take away from watching that clip, it’s that the election is a looking like a lock. Trump’s base is large and extremely loyal. There’s no enthusiasm around Joe Biden who can’t even talk when his teleprompter stops. A 1984 type victory is highly unlikely, but don’t be shocked come November if Trump comes out winning way beyond 2016 numbers.

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