The Mainstream Media Is Happy To Shill For The Chinese Government

I’m the type to usually sneer at conspiracy theories. I’m always the first person to explain them away. I’ll acknowledge that talking about conspiracies is a lot of fun, but that’s about as far as I go. Who shot JFK? Is the government hiding evidence of aliens? We can keep going. It makes for fun conversation over a few beers.

This whole coronavirus/Chinese virus/Wuhan virus pandemic situation is an excellent recipe for conspiracy theories, however.

Follow me down this rabbit hole…

As I mentioned before, there’s a discussion about whether or not it is racist or xenophobic to mention the origin of the virus, either calling it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus. While this just looks like year 2020 political correctness run amok, there may be more to it.

Currently, the Chinese Communist Party is using their state-controlled media to tell the Chinese people that the US Military is responsible for bringing the virus to Wuhan.

You would think that our media would want to dispel any notions about China not being responsible for the virus, especially when our government and military is getting the blame. Why so much focus on what to name the virus? Is that productive?

Trump has been the toughest president in recent years when it comes to US-China relations. Every other president has been happy to let China get away with lopsided trade agreements. It is in China’s best interest that Joe Biden wins the election in November. Just to add a little cherry on the top, Biden is rumored to have some very lucrative connections with businesses in China.

The Chinese government is powerful. They’re not likely to sit around and merely hope that Trump loses his re-election bid, are they? That means another 4 years that they won’t have a beneficial trade partnership with the US. Their economy had already been suffering since Trump started the trade war.

The pieces are coming together…

The Chinese government, the DNC, and the media all have a common goal…get Trump out of office. 

Think about where we are now. We’re basically in a lockdown. Our economy has taken a massive hit. The future is uncertain. 

I’m not saying that the Chinese government spread this virus intentionally, but if they wanted to weaken the US, wouldn’t this be the outcome they were looking for?

Arguing over what to name the virus is exactly what China wants us to do. The Chinese Communist Party leaders are smiling when CNN hacks like Jim Acosta call Trump xenophobic.

When these media and establishment hacks complain about racism when Trump and others call the virus the Wuhan or Chinese virus, they’re not being woke. They’re doing the bidding of the Chinese government. They have something to gain from it.

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