Mainstream Conservatives Need To Wake Up & Recognize What We’re Dealing With

Yesterday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters converged on Washington D.C. demanding election integrity. Dozens of high profile conservatives and America First activists were present, including Sebastian Gorka, Elijah Schaffer, Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones. D.C. police estimated the crowd to be upwards of 200,000, but given how widespread the march was, my money is on the over.

Throughout the march and subsequent rally at the Supreme Court, the event was entirely peaceful. A handful of black-bloc ANTIFA militants were present, but they were walled off by police and were eventually pushed out entirely.

Then, as the sun set and the majority of rally goers began to head home, hundreds of black-bloc ANTIFA militants took to the streets. They began attacking stragglers, including women, children and the elderly. Scores of videos emerged showing small groups of outnumbered Trump supporters being jumped, threatened and robbed.

At one point, far left militants threw a mortar firework at restaurant goers near Freedom Plaza. They then attempted to storm a hotel at which several Trump supporters were guests. This prompted the first and really, the only police surge of the night, as officers rushed to the hotel entrance and pushed the militants back.

As these videos started to emerge, the right began to fight back. Spearheaded by the Proud Boys, groups began to engage with the assailing far left militants while police failed to contain the situation. Several open street fights were recorded while multiple ANTIFA militants were badly beaten.

Of course, the mainstream media, along with big tech, have framed last night’s D.C. violence as being instigated by conservatives and Trump supporters. The rallying cry seems to be a video in which an elderly Trump supporter is cold clocked from behind then kicked in the head by far left militants. Far left Twitter has latched on to a claim that the man instigated the altercation since the preceding seconds show him pushing back against the attackers. However, several videos show that the Trump supporter was simply responding to repeated attacks from far left agitators who were following him.

Below are far left Twitter users justifying the graphic assault seen above and thus, justifying all far left violence that took place last evening.

Now here we have the far left’s “smoking gun”; a man fighting off a 20 against 2 mob before being sucker punched.

The only takeaway from this type of gaslighting and level of mental gymnastics should be an opportunity to see the mask off, radical left for who they really are. Dozens of videos show Trump supporters being ganged up on, jumped and robbed; but the far left justifies it all because one man fought back and then got cold-clocked.

The mainstream media/big tech have largely blacked out this event, seeing as how it makes the left look awful no matter the spin. What coverage they have offered, however, is one-sided, selectively edited BS like the mental gymnastics above. Far left Twitter has gone with the classic “far right Drumpf supporters attack innocent anti-fascists who were feeding the homeless” framing. Pure propaganda, because they truly stopped caring quite a while ago.

That is precisely what mainstream, Dan Crenshaw type conservatives need to understand.

The ends justify the means for the militant left and their media, big tech and DNC enablers/financiers. If a Trump supporter was shot in the head in cold blood, the headline would read “Nazi assaults bullet.”

The mainstream media and big tech have fanned the flames of hatred in this country for years. They view all conservatives and right-leaning individuals, moderate or not, as a hostile threat. They believe that America is an imperial, racist state and they don’t hide that fact. They’ve been allowed to proudly state this hatred for years while conservatives are doxxed, threatened and fired for tiny indiscretions.

None of this is arguable, but while many mainstream, Dan Crenshaw-tier conservatives understand this, they are too often silent when it matters the most.

I mean, I get it. I was one of these people at one point. If you’re a decent person who grew up in a heavily left-leaning area, you want to do all you can to hold on to the idea of unity and talking past these things. For years I wrote olive branch articles and did my insincere “ackshully guys, the right wing is also bad here” type statements meant to appease my leftist friends.

There was a clear shift after Trump got elected. The rhetoric from those I grew up with increasingly became “with us or against us” type language. Still, I tried shouting into the void. I didn’t want to admit the fact that these people had truly become radicals who are going to push the envelope until the country burns.

What happened? I’ve still been doxxed multiple times, dozens of the people I tried to appease have attacked my character and Twitter mobs filled with those types have stacked up on me. It’s anecdotal, but I’ve talked to dozens of right-wing bloggers, commentators and enthusiastic supporters who say the same.

Eventually, mainstream conservatives have to realize that we’re dealing with a rabid dog. There isn’t any negotiating with a rabid dog. You can make your “hey guys, maybe Drumpf should concede statement” in hopes that these radicals will see you as reasonable, but they won’t. The far left takes any apology or concession and weaponizes it against you. They won’t engage in good faith because in their eyes, you are a fascist. Therefore, they must use fascist tactics to stop you, even if it’s under-handed, because ultimately, stopping fascism (which is any right winger), is worth doing anything.

Plenty of what I consider “mainstream” conservatives were very angry last night. This is good to see, but last night’s violence cannot be something that is tossed by the wayside. It’s good to be a decent person and it’s good to search for the peaceful solution whenever possible, but it must be understood that we are dealing with a modern iteration of 20th century communists who murdered millions.

The way the media carries water for far left groups is why tens of millions of Trump supporters are skeptical of the election results. Conservatives need to understand the nature of this threat and act accordingly. This does not mean get violent, pick fights or anything crazy like that. There simply cannot be anymore throwing someone “further to the right” than you under the bus, or statements aimed at appeasing the radical left.

Almost all conservatives understand what is happening, whether they want to admit it or not, and it’s time to act accordingly.

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