The Democrats Have Become A Party That Benefits Only Wealthy, Predominantly White Elites

No matter what ultimately happens with the 2020 election, the days following Joe Biden’s supposed victory have highlighted what the Democrats have become. In decades past, the Democrats styled themselves as the party of the American worker. Millions of working class, union voters still vote Democrat, though the party has long since abandoned their interests.

As of 2020, the Democratic Party is the party of big pharma, big tech, globalism and the military industrial complex. Defeating Donald Trump has been the sole mission of the American and global left since 2016, principles be damned. Gone are the days where the left vowed to fight corporate power. Now, left wing elites welcome monopolies like Twitter and Google so long as they use their unchecked power against Donald Trump and his supporters.

They’re fine with endless lockdowns, because they can work from home. Businesses being burned down by rioters is fine because “they have insurance.”

Bush era neo-cons flocking to the left because Trump says mean things was heralded as an achievement by the mainstream media. Millions of suburban Democrats who loathed Bush in the 2000’s suddenly had no issue with the Iraq War or its consequences. It doesn’t really affect them, after all. There isn’t a draft, so these wars were mostly fought by people from “flyover country”, who coastal elites loathe, and minorities. It will be the same going forward.

Lack of consequence from party policy goals is a common theme among the wealthy Democrats who make up the party’s modern core. White leftists, particularly those around college age, make social justice for minority groups a center piece of their identity, at least online. They constantly speak on racial issues and throw gasoline on any fire. Some of the most radical, anti-American sentiments we’ve seen over these last few years come from wealthy, predominantly white leftists from the suburbs.

This is how we get something like “abolish the police” as a mainstream talking point. It’s easy for someone who played lacrosse in high school to tweet about abolishing the police in West Philadelphia, far from their cozy main line neighborhood. They don’t live in the neighborhoods that will be affected by this, so they just collect their social media points and call it a day.

Meanwhile, we can look at Baltimore’s murder rate and see what lack of police presence has done to that community. Following the Freddie Gray riots, police more or less fell back from some of Baltimore’s most violent neighborhoods. Crime then skyrocketed, with Baltimore’s murder rate topping that of some of Mexico’s most dangerous cities throughout the late 2010’s. Of course, almost all of these murder victims were black.

African American Baltimore activists have spoken out in recent years stating that they need more, not less police presence. “We wanted the police there,” Baltimore pastor Kinji Scott told NPR back in 2017. “We need the front line police officers and we need the heart of the black community to step to the forefront of this discussion,” Scott said. “And that’s when we’re going to see a decrease in crime.”

The idea of defunding the police and police brutality in general is an issue that encapsulates the modern Democratic Party. Wealthy, country club liberals piggybacking off angst among minority communities while doing nothing to actually help them.

If elitist white Democrats actually believed in their rhetoric, they wouldn’t live in the suburbs. They wouldn’t demand that student loan forgiveness — which would primarily benefit the upper-middle class — be a primary issue, as they have done in the days since Biden’s supposed victory. No, if they were serious, they would be demanding “justice” for the black community. After all, any college aged leftist’s Twitter feed would have you believe that black people are routinely hunted by pick-up truck driving hicks wearing camo confederate flag hats; and that police forces exist specifically to kill black people.

As it turns out, all that stuff immediately goes by the wayside as soon as left wing elites have achieved victory. When social media points can no longer be mined, they no longer care. What they portray as an apartheid level existence for black Americans suddenly disappears in the name of having their psychology degree paid for in full.

The thing is that Democrat elites, and their children, largely have no stake in what they push or believe in. They aren’t ideologically committed to the dangerous rhetoric and poisonous ideas they’ve breathed life into in the name of temporary political victories. Removing Donald Trump was their ultimate goal, which is why they acted as if his defeat solved everything.

In reality, life won’t be much different for them. It never truly was, as all their delusions about Donald Trump was something they used to fill the void and fit in. There never was a “what now” moment in their eyes. Any and all things were on the table in the name of removing Donald Trump, including enabling Marxist radicals, allying with neo-cons and welcoming authoritarian practices they once claimed to fight against.

This is what will ultimately be the undoing of the elitist, predominantly white Democrat power base. The fractures can already be seen, with tensions rising between the AOC wing and establishment Democrats. Black Lives Matter groups are demanding their slice of the pie from a Biden administration even as their suburban allies drop their cause like a trend.

But the thing is, BLM and the AOC wing represent the future of the Democratic Party and they know it. The 2020 election was the high watermark for smug, elitist leftists who rail against “white privilege” while being the primary benefactors of it. They’ve lectured and looted the white working class for years, but soon there will be no use for them among the party elites.

For now though, elitist white leftists intend to reap the spoils from a Biden Administration. They’ll act as if all the fires they started over the last few years don’t exist, but the chickens will eventually come home to roost.

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