Political Correctness Has Infiltrated Coronavirus Discussion

If you’re wondering whether or not the media is focused on the important things, fear no more. Some pundits, including MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, have been telling us Americans that calling the coronavirus the “Wuhan virus” is racist. Can’t think of a more important issue honestly.

This was in response to Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar’s tweet about being potentially exposed to the virus at CPAC.

Here are Hayes and other leftists doing great journalistic work:

I can’t roll my eyes any further. Of course New Jersey.

Whew…I’m perfectly fine with getting the coronavirus, but please don’t let me get the racist Wuhan virus.

The responses to this idiocy have been pretty entertaining. Solid trolling by some on the right.

I see your Wuhan virus, and raise you a Chinese coronavirus. Take that, libs.

I would rather see people unite over this, since it is a real crisis that requires the coolest of heads to prevail, but if we’re going to resort to partisan politics, might as well really get your money’s worth.

I’ll add my own. Kung Pao virus, General Tso’s virus, Wonton virus, etc. More suggestions are welcome. 

All jokes aside, this is really stupid. All of the talk I’ve heard about the media and politicians using identity politics and political correctness as a distraction from important issues I thought were crazy conspiracy theories. I’m rethinking that. Political correctness is one of the most useless ideas in our society. It allows people to make up reasons why they don’t feel good about themselves without taking responsibility for any of it. In a time like this, it’s dangerous. Wanna divide people even more? Start calling everyone a racist. People like Chris Hayes should be ashamed of themselves for even suggesting that when we need everyone’s cooperation to make it through this.

Rant over. I’m hungry for some Chinese food.

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