There’s A Twitter Bot That Subs In Every Word Before “Did 9/11”

Twitter bots are one of the greatest aspects of the internet world. They generally use a basic script and consist of simply tweeting out news, statistics or basic prompts. The vast majority are basic, but when Twitter bots go wrong, the end result is glorious. I mean, who could forget Tay?

There’s also the whole subsection of Twitter bots made specifically for trolling. We’ve all seen some dumbass on the timeline thinking they’ve got their “mic drop” quote tweet or witty response in the bag only to find out they’re talking to a bot.

One of the greatest Twitter bots I’ve ever seen is one that subs in random words before “did 9/11”. Simple enough, but I had fun with this thing for a solid 30 minutes.

Meanwhile…… on the black Hebrew Israelite podcast……..

*the ADL has entered the chat*

This is the mind-fuck of all mind-fucks right here.

Twitter bot or Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino?

Damn, I didn’t expect this account to get so deep on us.

Anyways, this is one of the more elite Twitter bots out there and it is sure to devour both unsuspecting boomers and clout chasing millenials alike. So go ahead and find a word that fits your purposes and cash in on some internet points, because you already know I’ve got this account in mind for the Eagles-Cowboys rematch.

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