Left-Wing Fantasy Tweets Are My Absolute Favorite

Twitter is certainly not for everybody. Those who dislike the platform call it “toxic” or “negative”, and there’s merit for that. Twitter is a place where people are always looking to collect some internet points, which oftentimes means dunking on others with quote tweets and overused GIFS. I can’t say I haven’t done it. In fact, I do these things quite frequently. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Looking past the negativity, those who enjoy Twitter definitely start to get a feel for it. Plenty of online hubs/communities have a distinct “feel” that is difficult to describe and Twitter is no different. If that vibe is a match, Twitter can be a truly hilarious place.

There’s not really accountability on Twitter, at least not officially. Bad tweets can get “ratio’d” – where the replies either outnumber or are close to the like count on the initial big tweet – but the site’s new “hide replies” feature threatens even that. There’s no dislike button, no ability to react with emoji’s, just like counts, retweets and replies.

The lack of accountability results in what can only be described as a fake reality. What gets traction on Twitter in no way correlates with mainstream offline opinion, at least not generally, but there are plenty of influential users who don’t seem to realize this. Spending too much time on Twitter can warp one’s worldview and this is no more apparent than when it comes to politics.

Politics – particularly far left politics – is always present on Twitter. Based in San Francisco, the site is overwhelmingly left-wing in terms of user base. While Twitter has engaged in shady activity regarding suppressing right-wing opinions, they simply have a more left-leaning user base and market accordingly. The bulk of users (in the U.S. at least) are young and left leaning, so no surprises there.

The brass at Twitter is more far left than the average American liberal, however. Trump bashing, labeling moderate conservatives as “Nazis” and far left policies that Beto rode to 2% in the polls before dropping out of the race are what Jack Dorsey and his team seem interested in cultivating, and that’s what they’ve done.

One example of Twitter’s manufactured reality is the popularity of Beto O’Rourke. A glance at Twitter would leave one believing that Beto O’Rourke is one of the most popular politicians in the country. Beto’s tweets frequently get hundreds of thousands of likes and he got plenty of help from the site’s “moments” promotion during his campaigns. Twitter’s support of course ultimately failed Beto as he dropped out of the race before Iowa.

Convenient right?

Anyways, as disturbing as Twitter’s blatant bias may be, it also leads to some downright quality entertainment. Twitter is a place where the most insane, rabid leftists see their toxic tweets getting thousands of likes and think to themselves “wow, this is what people really want”. They end up saying things they would have felt uncomfortable saying 10 years ago all due to the illusion of support they get online, and the end result is both helpful and hilarious.

One of the greatest products of fake leftist Twitter reality are what I like to call “left-wing fantasy tweets”.

Constant reinforcement of far left opinion has created an environment where those suffering from Twitter brain feel as though they can tweet bizarre, totally unbelievable stories about politics while nobody notices. These tales involve plenty of woke toddlers, people talking about how they hate Trump at gas stations and all kinds of other bizarre stuff that has provided so many laughs since 2016.

The craziest part? Those two middle-aged guys grew up to be none other than Oprah and Anne Frank.

I’m gonna have to press X to doubt on this one.

Everyone knows the unmistakable smell of a racist and psychotic Starbucks.

The saddest part about this one is that a cursory glance of this dude’s profile will show that it’s probably true.

Woke Twitter fantasy tweets truly are one of the greatest forms of unintentional comedy out there. Where else do you have 6 year-olds giving opinion on Trump’s decision to withdraw from Northern Syria? Where else can e-girls share tales of how they convinced their dad to stop watching Fox News and turned him into a Bernie supporter? No other place than woke Twitter, so we should all be thankful.

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