It’s Long Past Time To Hold “Woke Twitter” Accountable

By now, you may have seen a video making the rounds on social media. The blue check-mark mafia has found a new target that must be vilified and made unemployable in the name of tolerance. It’s a familiar target for the woke boys: white, Trump-supporting teenagers.

The incident took place at the March For Life in D.C. over the weekend. A group of mostly white, Catholic high school students in MAGA hats can be seen chanting as a Native American man beats a drum and sings. It turns out that the man, Nathan Phillips, is a Vietnam veteran.

The video making the rounds shows a teenager smirking as Phillips sings in his face. Other students can be seen chanting and smiling in the background.

As always, narratives start spinning before any facts are gathered. The incident is being portrayed as a group of evil, white supremacist, bigoted Nazis screaming “WE DON’T LIKE YER KIND HERE BOY, BEST GIT” at the innocent, powerless protesters who dindu nuffin. In other words, just another day on Twitter.

All the usual suspects can be found calling for the teens to be doxxed, fired and not allowed into universities. Shaun King, Shannon Watts, that tub of lard Tony Posnaski; all the same dirt-bags who routinely employ these tactics. Did they wait to gather the facts before calling for extreme action against teenagers? Of course not. There is a narrative to be spread and they intend to spread it far and wide.

I remember when there was a time when “two sides to every story” actually meant something. Another angle of the incident shows Phillips approaching the teens as they did school related chants. The students reached out to Joey Salads and said this was the case. They claim that counter-protesters started calling them “crackers” which lead to trash-talking commencing on both sides. This is when Phillips walked over, they claim.

Phillips can clearly be seen walking over to the teens in this video.

But who cares about any of this? Teenagers in MAGA hats being rowdy is the same as whites preventing blacks from going to school during the civil rights era, don’t you know?

Ask Yourself What The True Purpose Of This Is

What I want to ask of our woke countrymen is this; what is your endgame? Even if you thought the teens were being disrespectful, why not take this moment to teach them a life lesson? After all, teenagers are known for being inconsiderate and disrespectful. It’s almost like their brains aren’t fully developed or something.

There was no violence, no racial slurs, just a bunch of high school kids chanting. Me and my friends used to chant dumb shit all the time in high school, so why is this a controversy?

We all know why. The woke mafia has absolutely no interest in unity or stopping hate. In fact, they’re so invested in keeping the divide going because they would be nothing without it. That is incredibly clear if you’ve paid attention over the last couple years. If you have, you know that these incidents happen frequently. Piss off your morally superior overlords and you can expect to have your life ruined.

That is, of course, if you meet certain criteria. Teenagers being rowdy teenagers while wearing MAGA hats? Doxx em’, ruin em’, end their life. Michael Brown attacks an officer and gets shot? He was just on his way to school to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming as astronaut. Can you point me to the outrage mob that came out the woodwork over this incident? I haven’t been able to find them.

Call this what it is. This is nothing more than a radical subset of the left using their power to ruin lives under the guise of fighting inequality. Notice that they never propose solutions. It’s just the same chorus calling for retribution every time.

Would you even know who Shaun King was if he didn’t use a delicate issue to enrich himself? Of course not. If we actually worked together and solved these issues, he would be out of the job.

Enough Is Enough

I’m sick of this garbage. For too long, those like Shaun King have been able to sentence others to the wrath of an online mob without trial. People lose their jobs and livelihoods because goons like King are backed by the mainstream media, or at least sanitized. All these tactics do is build hatred, resentment and will lead to severe blow-back if left unchecked.

This isn’t a white-black, liberal-conservative, pro- Trump or anti-Trump problem. We have witnessed a complete breakdown in civil political discourse and the blue check-mark mafia are huge culprits. Online lynch mobs have to stop, and I believe that more and more see these regressive tools for what they truly are every day. They are nothing more than hateful, reactionary, wanna-be authoritarians who don’t have the balls to come out and say it. Enough is enough.