The Culture Clash Between Eagles And Vikings Fans Will Never Not Be Hilarious

Conference Championship day has arrived and although the birds won’t be playing, nobody around here seems to be upset with how this season ended. Alshon Jeffery and the team overall have received nothing but praise locally. Even nationally, they’ve been showered with compliments. Colin Cowherd, who randomly started dishing out great NFL takes, gave the team high praise. “Tip of the cap to Philadelphia…… That coaching staff, give them all raises”.

Love him or hate him, he was right on the money with that segment.

This team looked dead in the water at multiple points during the campaign yet somehow managed to not only sneak into the playoffs, but win an instant classic of a game. Enormous contributions out of nowhere from guys like Cre’von Leblanc, Ertz setting records and another dose of Foles magic made this season insanely entertaining.

Of course it’s disappointing that there won’t be a birds game tonight, but just getting back to the playoffs brought back all the energy this town had during the Super Bowl run. Seeing Foles beat the odds in the playoffs, for what very well could be the last time, was both exciting and surreal.

While we didn’t go all the way, there was a silver-lining in this run that nobody seems to be talking about. What would that be you ask? Getting another chance to laugh at all the content that came out of the Eagles-Vikings game last season.

The Vikings of course choked (shocking, because Kirk Cousins never does that) which opened the door for the Eagles to sneak in. There were some salty Vikings fans on Twitter that night, to say the least, and there were a hell of a lot more of them a year ago today when the Eagles demolished them.

What it really came down to is that Vikings fans truly had no idea what they were getting into. They brought their Minnesota nice, “all that matters is that we have fun” attitude to a city that tailgates NBA draft lotteries. We’re a passionate fan base, the likes of which folks from other places simply cannot understand. All that was fully on display during the 2018 NFC Championship Game.

The build-up had plenty to do with how it all went down. Remember that stunt at the art museum, where Vikings fans did their “skol” chant on the steps? Of course you do. That right there was a product of this culture clash. They weren’t being malicious, they were just rooting for their team and probably thought we’d find it funny. But fuck no, that is not how we took it. Nothing was getting in the way of that Super Bowl run and this fan-base was hype.

Plus, you can’t just disrespect the art museum and drape Rocky in Vikings gear. You just simply cannot do that Vikings fans! We won’t be nice about it like they are back in fake Canada.

With that build-up, it goes without saying that things got rowdy when the game turned into a blowout. Eagles fans infamously hijacked the “skol” chant and replaced it “Foles” as the final seconds ticked off the clock; a savage move to say the least. Then, in the parking lot, the Eagles’ fan base was treated to one of the greatest videos in history: the “GOOOO BIIIRRRDS” kid.

The culture clash is once again on display in this video. The Vikings fan could not process what was happening and the “go birds” kid was having the time of his life. That video will live in infamy, and it’s all thanks to Vikings fans not knowing what Philly is all about.

Don’t Worry Discount Canadians, It’s Not That Deep

Listen though, don’t get the idea that this is some hate piece against Vikings fans. I honestly don’t have a problem with them, I just wanted to thank them for indirectly creating some of the greatest content of all time.

Besides, the Saints are public enemy #1. They ran up the score in the regular season match-up, obsessively trash talked the birds and rubbed their win in hard. Plus, you’ve got Sean Payton bringing back bounties in the form of stacks of one dollar bills and Lombardi trophies. Dude is corny as hell and I can’t wait to see them get stomped by LA.

So Vikings fans, you’re off the hook and thank you for your service. Go Rams and go Chiefs!

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