The OK Sign Is Now A ‘White Power Symbol’ Apparently

The first rule of outrage culture is that you never stop talking about how you’re outraged. The second rule of outrage culture is to make sure that the outrage engine stays humming no matter what. Generally, this isn’t an issue. After all, the orange man is literally Hitler for some new reason every week.

While leftists have plenty of political theater material on any given day, the speed at which news cycles move creates issues for them. The Trump era has seen news cycles change at lightning fast rates and has completely changed the game. Since Trump announced his candidacy, there have been multiple statements/incidents that would have ended any other candidate. From the “Muslim ban” proposal to **ssy-gate, there have been dozens of moments where Mittens Romney would have just quit.

Not Trump. Trump is resilient and knows how to throw a counter-punch. As a result, blue checkmark Twitter just doesn’t understand how he’s still here. I mean, Trump still has supporters even after everyone died from the tax cuts.

This creates a dilemma for the mob. They see how little effect their weekly outrage campaigns have and think “how could this be”? In their minds, every “Drumph is Hitler” Twitter blitz is sure to be the end of Drumph. They physically cannot comprehend why eight years ago’s tactics aren’t working because they still reside in eight years ago’s political landscape.

The end result of all of this is straight up manufactured controversies. When you’ve completely shut your mind off to any objective thought and convince yourself that you’re fighting the Nazis, it isn’t hard to see things that aren’t there. The far left is so caught up in their fantasy that they will jump on absolutely anything without a second thought. That is, of course, how we ended up in a timeline where the OK sign is a white power symbol.

This all started when stage 4 Trump derangement syndrome sufferer Amy Siskind accused Republican operative Zina Bash of flashing a “white power symbol” during the Kavanaugh hearings. In a now deleted tweet, Siskind stated that the gesture should “disqualify” Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court. Shockingly, “resistance” Twitter ran with it without even bothering to do any digging. In fact, this whole controversy is such BS that even the ADL says it isn’t a white power symbol. Minimal research will reveal that Bash’s grandparents escaped the holocaust and that she has Mexican heritage, but who cares? Don’t let facts get in the way of a good outrage session.

I just wonder who’s going to tell them about all these white supremacists.

While it may be hilarious that many of our fellow Americans are so out of touch, this type of mob mentality is destroying society. White power is a dangerous ideology that is very real but these people have degraded the term “white supremacist” to the point where it has lost all meaning. Are you slightly right of Trotsky? Do you have white skin and disagree with far left radicals on literally anything? You’re a white supremacist, alt right, bigoted, xenophobic Russian troll bot!

Sadly, this nonsense has already had consequences. A coastguard member was recently caught making the evil gesture during a live stream while on Hurricane Florence relief duty and has since been reassigned. The Coast Guard issued a tweet condemning this heinous act and were sure to let us know that their values do not reflect innocuous hand resting positions.

I just wonder when corporations/major institutions will realize that Twitter mobs do not represent reality. Just because a bunch of cat ladies screeched about something online doesn’t mean a majority of people support it. Most rational people see this for what it is: a complete non-controversy.

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