The Social Media Smear Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh

The Kavanaugh hearing truly was one of the most INSANE displays in American political history. Remember when Brett Kavanaugh, the evil, white, entitled frat boy,  took a sip out of a flask he had hidden in his bible? How about when Kavanaugh slammed his hands on the desk and started screaming about how he went to Yale? Maybe Pepperidge Farm remembers, but anyone who objectively watched the Kavanaugh hearing doesn’t.

Of course, if one didn’t watch the hearing and only took a cursory glance at Twitter, Reddit or even YouTube, they might honestly believe all that. Across the board, Kavanaugh has been portrayed as an aggressive lunatic who couldn’t stop screaming and yelling. SNL , which is such garbage that they need to bring in a celebrity for every political sketch , portrayed him as a coke head psychopath. On the flip side, Dr. Ford has been portrayed as a selfless crusader for justice by the same media entities that have launched an all out assault on Kavanaugh.

Now granted, Kavanaugh was certainly angry at certain points during the hearing; but lost in all the spectacle is any examination of the facts surrounding the accusations. In addition to judge Kavanaugh passing six FBI background checks, not one of the witnesses named by Dr. Ford have corroborated her story. Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor who questioned Ford, published a memo in which she stated that Ford’s claims weren’t enough to warrant a civil case let alone a criminal one. Mitchell stated that the case is weaker than “he-said,she said” because the accusations are completely uncorroborated.

Not only have Ford’s claims produced no evidence to date, the other accusations against Kavanaugh have so far proven even less credible. Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick, who has accused Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist that drugs women, gave the names of four witnesses who could verify her claims. Of those four, one “didn’t recall” a Julie Swetnick, another was deceased and the other two have not yet been heard from.

Swetnick’s story, like Ford’s, has zero credibility yet Kavanaugh has been convicted in the court of public opinion and has had his name tarnished. But hey, what possible reason could Brett Kavanaugh have for being upset? Its almost like being accused of being Bill Cosby 2.0 for two weeks, with zero evidence, will make an honorable man angry.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, none of the above really matters to a growing segment of the population. Plenty of voters just hop on Facebook, see a picture of Kavanaugh looking angry, and make all their assumptions based off that. Meanwhile, they also see Dr. Ford talking like a twelve year and being portrayed as a hero. The whole thing is presented as such a black and white, clear cut case of an abusive brute lashing out against a defenseless woman.

The strategy is clear: just bludgeon the public with emotional drivel so that no one questions the herd mentality. Expect to have it shoved in your face on the cover of every newspaper and every corner of the internet. Kavanuagh’s angry face = guilty, Ford looking like a wreck = credible. Anyone who objects to the narrative will be covered in rhetorical piss and have baseless insults hurled at them. Believe in due process? Expect to get some fact free, emotional speech.  It was no different with the “Russia investigation”.

Thankfully There Is An Antidote

It truly is this simple: half the country hasn’t done any research on the Kavanaugh hearing other than watching a clip of Matt Damon yelling into a mic. They’re not going to do any either; they just want their simplistic views validated on platforms that have increasingly become nothing more than leftist safe spaces.

Orange man BAD!

Fortunately, there is an incredibly obvious antidote to the emotional onslaught found on social media. All you’ve gotta do is watch the hearing. Anyone watching can see the inconsistencies in Ford’s story and that Kavanaugh wasn’t flipping tables. The judge was level headed, firm, and spoke with confidence where as Ford sounded like she was huffing glue. In the minds of reasonable people, a video still of a guy looking angry isn’t enough to conclude that he’s a gang rapist unworthy of a Supreme Court seat. We still live in a country where accusations alone don’t prove guilt though sadly, “progressives” seem to want us back in the 1600’s.

The smear campaign against Kavanaugh truly is a modern day witch hunt. The good news is that I don’t think the majority of Americans are buying it anymore.

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