‘Diversity’ Consultants Are Nothing More Than Private Sector Regime Enforcers

If you’re looking at the state of American universities and corporate boardrooms in the present day, you can’t help but notice the number of “diversity, inclusivity, and equity” (DIE, as I like to call it) consultants occupying lucrative positions. These positions have all kinds of different names, or euphemisms for what they truly are, but all fulfill the same regressive purpose. They exist to promote “diversity” through hiring quotas and mandatory workplace trainings, and by diversity they mean compliance. Sadly, you shouldn’t expect “Diversicrats” as I like to call them, to go away anytime soon

Most ordinary Americans see these make-work jobs and laugh at the absurdity, a reaction that is certainly warranted. However, understanding the forces behind the existence of the “diversicrat” is essential.

2021 America is hyper aware of anything that even approximates racism or sexism. There are serious penalties for employing people who step out of line, and “stepping out of line” is increasingly easy to do. Saying things that were previously considered normal is now a firing offense. The term “micro aggression” has become prominent to describe the act of saying something completely benign that can be taken as offensive (an aggression) by someone from one of the protected classes.

A perfect example of a micro aggression can be seen here in this (fictitious) clip. A white woman becomes the Mr. Krabs spinning meme after committing the sin of not realizing that the black woman with braids was actually the professor.

Retaining a team of diversicrats ensures that people on campus, as well as those in the corporate world, are well versed in acceptable vs. unacceptable behavior. To put it succinctly, these folks are responsible for enforcing the will of the regime on “private” businesses, as well as both public and private schools.

In China, any company who wants to do business is required to retain Chinese Communist Party (CCP) commissars on their boards to ensure compliance with CCP rules and regulations. What is happening with the diversicrat in America is the same thing, but just slightly more informal.

Now you might be asking yourself why these folks are so well paid, and why there are so many being hired? The answer is multifaceted. In the case of the universities, many of those in charge believe that hiring an army of diversity commissars to enforce the tenets of the Cathedral religion is their duty. Think of these employees as a priest class, and it makes sense. In the words of now suspended Twitter user @wokecapital; “as the mafia puts one of their associates in the local union, or the communist party puts party members on the board in the state-owned Enterprise, our Cathedral has its informants and disciplinarians in HR”.

Jobs of this sort are perhaps one of the only outlets for those who have graduated with woke humanities degrees (gender studies, African American studies, etc.). In a truly capitalist economy, _ studies grads wouldn’t be highly sought after. Universities have continued (for the most part) to add to their humanities departments, creating more degrees that have no real-world utility. Hence, a cadre of people waiting in the wings for more of these bureaucratic positions. Competition among universities and corporations to hire these people leads to them being as lucrative as they are.

Corporations chomp at the bit to hire diversicrats because often, it allows them to promote diversity candidates to higher positions. As soon as the diversicrat is in an influential position, they are then given free reign to move said company in a progressive direction. Often times, these people wield more power than the executives themselves. We’ve seen instances of very rich and powerful people being brought to their knees when they break one of the sacred rules of progressivism.

The basis for much of this can be traced to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The laws surrounding discrimination and affirmative action are very vague, and depending on the situation, can be enforced in ways once thought unimaginable in a country with “freedom of speech”.

In his book The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties, Author Christopher Caldwell describes the Civil Rights Act as not part of our Constitution, but in essence a rival Constitution. The Civil Rights Act led to the formation of more bureaucratic agencies. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) was created to provide oversight and make sure companies were following the new laws. Being that affirmative action laws were vague; companies were at the mercy of whoever was tasked with interpreting the laws.

As vague policies are being enforced with increased fervor, corporations have resorted to drastic measures to ensure that they don’t get swept up by a technicality. Christopher Rufo wrote about this in a piece with City Journal. “Because American civil rights law remains ambiguous, broad, and unevenly enforced, it is exploited by a class of personnel experts with a vested interest in perpetuating extreme forms of racial progressivism,” wrote Rufo.

The fear of reprisal is what continues to prop up the “grievance industrial complex”, which is comprised of activists, diversicrats, and NGOs such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). As long as there is vague Civil Rights legislation on the books, as well as this bottomless enforcement arm, and ample funding, this stuff isn’t going away anytime soon.

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