Bernie Sanders Sold Out His Supporters To The Establishment. Again.

Bernie Sanders has just done what most of us expected him to do: endorse Joe Biden for president. Sure, it makes sense that Bernie would prefer any Democrat to President Trump, but nevertheless, this has exposed what we suspected. Bernie Sanders is a party hack first and a revolutionary second. His most dedicated supporters should feel betrayed. They felt the Bern, but dear leader no longer did.

With the coordinated hit on Sanders that took place a DAY BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY, a precedent has been set that the Democratic Party will always put power before the people. The Democratic mega-donors and other establishment politicians come before the voters. The same people who talk about getting big money out of politics are feeding the beast they claim to hate.  

Since this is the second time that this has happened to Bernie, you would think someone so passionate about the causes he advocates for would stand up for himself and his supporters. You’d be wrong. Once again, the old, fraudulent commie has bent the knee and sold out the people who so strongly backed him.

Listen here to Tucker Carlson’s monologue on Bernie. Very interesting and illuminating.

If Bernie was this righteous populist fighter as he and his biggest fans claimed, he would have you know, actually gone after his primary opponents. If it’s truly about the “greater good”, the ends always justify the means. Apparently that is not the case.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton had tons of baggage for her opponents to exploit. She was constantly questioned about sending classified emails over her personal server, a crime that would put us normal folks behind bars for a long time. Bernie didn’t get in the mud. He took the high road. Commendable? Sure, but it’s not how you win in politics. If you care about your message and your supporters, you fight dirty.

The rest is history. Bernie stood by while the DNC helped Hillary. Bernie then happily campaigned for Hillary in the general.

This time, the DNC collusion was more egregious. Pete Buttegieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and backed Biden right before Super Tuesday. Elizabeth Warren stayed in to split some of the progressive vote with Sanders. An obvious, coordinated hit put out by the most powerful people in the Democratic Party.

Once it was down to Biden and Bernie, Sanders could have attacked Biden’s history with women, especially with the current sexual assault allegatiions out there against Biden (that the New York Times is currently trying to sweep under the rug).

Bernie could have called out Biden for his inability to form complete sentences. Might have been a little brutal, but nobody wants a president who can’t deliver a clear and concise message to the American people.

Bernie didn’t, and now he has kissed the ring. If you supported Bernie, especially for his populist and anti-establishment rhetoric, you should be especially pissed off.

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