Trump-Russia is Back! Only This Time, Nobody Cares (Nor Should They)

As soon as impeachment fell through, we all knew that the swamp would plot their next move to take down Trump. Somewhat surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly for some people), the resistance decided to rehash their previous failed coup attempt and went back to another Russia hoax. No creativity this time? Weak.

While myself and other Trump supporters had trouble buying the first Russia collusion narrative based on the sheer absurdity of the claims, there was enough circumstantial evidence for a lot of people to at least entertain that it could be legitimate. After all, we all know that politics is cutthroat and dirty. Candidates are always looking for any edge they can get. We certainly wouldn’t put it past anyone to break a few rules. If the Houston Astros were willing to cheat to win baseball games, of course politicians and political operatives are willing to venture outside the bounds of fair play to get their team’s candidate into the White House.

There’s a different vibe in the days immediately after the news of the new Russia collusion story broke. There’s a mix of exhaustion and apathy. Only the TDS crowd seems to be entertaining this one. One would imagine that there’s been a lot of eye-rolling whenever the mainstream media puppets warn of yet another example of Trump’s willingness to cripple our democracy. The word “bombshell” lost its meaning a long time ago, but that hasn’t stopped these people. Honestly, try not to laugh at this:

Lawrence O’Donnell clearly believes what he’s saying. This is what happens when you’re so deep in your bubble that there is nobody to tell you that you sound insane.

We feel the same way even when they say the same things about Bernie Sanders. You’ll never see me defending Bernie’s ideas, but calling anyone who isn’t a DNC establishment figure a “Russian asset” is crazy. The fact that his followers are beginning to see the establishment media for what it is-an extension of the DNC-is a good thing. 

After years of shilling for the DNC, the mainstream media may have bitten off more than they can chew. Instead of “informing” the American people about corruption within the Trump administration, their constant doomsday rhetoric has actually had the opposite effect. They have given Trump a free pass to continue draining the swamp. Since this news broke, Trump has made another big move by firing national intelligence director Joseph Maguire, and replacing him with former ambassador Richard Grenell. If you’ve paid any attention to the media lately, Grenell is a “Trump loyalist”.

Though they never will publicly, the mainstream media and the Adam Schiffs of the world own all of this. The self-destruction of the mainstream media is close to complete. The press does not deserve our attention and trust. Maybe they never read “The Boy who Cried Wolf”. You know, that fable we all learned by age 6? If in the future, Russia or another hostile foreign country tries to interfere in our elections, should we believe the media when they report it? It’s going to be difficult. When people who are paid millions to get the facts right continue to get everything wrong, we have a problem.

Normally, apathy isn’t a good thing. However, in this case, it is a wonderful thing. It shows that people are no longer uncritically accepting the mainstream news as actual news. This has been happening on the right for some time, but is continuing to spread leftward. This is great for our society.

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