MTV Releases Comically Bad Documentary Focusing On Nick Fuentes

There is simply nothing greater than unintentional comedy, which just so happens to be the only way one can describe “White Supremacy Ruined My Life”. MTV recently released this documentary focusing on Nick Fuentes in which they presented him as a white supremacist. The documentary was a result of a bait and switch via the producers in which they asked Fuentes to film a reboot of “True Life” that would focus on young political activists. The episode never aired, but out of the blue, MTV re-packaged the footage as a “white supremacy” documentary with Nick Fuentes as the subject.

Honestly though, MTV’s shadiness may just be a blessing in disguise given the end product they put out here. The documentary follows some skinhead guy named Shane from Indiana who claims that he used to run with the KKK. He states that he got introduced to the KKK by his father, who was fairly high up in the ranks. “I’m like a tweeker. It’s always scary whenever a car comes. If they come down through here I know it’s either that they live here, or they don’t belong here. This is not a dangerous area at all man, I mean we live in the middle of nowhere. It’s just the KKK doesn’t like me very much” he says peering out a window over ominous music. The guy continues to LARP like this until you start to feel like you’re watching a parody.

But just how did Shane go from a white power skinhead to anti-racism activist overnight? Turns out all it took was his girlfriend introducing him to rap music. That’s all it took! This of course drew the anger of his father, who said that Shane was “betraying” his race. Thankfully, his father eventually died (they straight up present it this way) and Shane was free to listen to rap music as much as he wanted.

After more harrowing tales about this guys backstory, the documentary eventually cuts to Shane watching a Nick Fuentes clip. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Well, you know, I don’t know why that’s so controversial” Fuentes says in a Youtube clip. Shane – the guy with swastika tatoos – has a visceral reaction of disgust to this comment.

Of course, what Fuentes was discussing in the video was the white supremacist “14 words”, which was the first part of the clip. It was brought up in a conversation and he simply said that while he doesn’t support white supremacist groups, he doesn’t see anything wrong with the statement. Basically, he doesn’t believe that white people are superior or deserve more than other races, he simply has an interest in preserving European culture and tradition. Having pride isn’t the same as believing in supremacy, but this low effort jab is what MTV hangs their hat on.

The doc then pans to Fuentes doing some standard trolling of leftist protesters in Chicago. Clips from Charlottesville and other skinhead violence is shown throughout the documentary in an effort to conflate Nick Fuentes with supporting those things.

Eventually, Shane and Nick Fuentes sit down for a discussion. I’ve really gotta respect Fuentes for sitting down with an intellectual titan like Shane. Anyways, Shane – who hardly ever looks Fuentes in the eye – states that he used to run with some extremist groups. He highlights a few egg profile picture white supremacist accounts on the “comment board” of Nick’s YouTube profile.

“I just believe that these are a-lot of legitimate grievances that we have. Look at what’s happening in our country where the birth rate for white people is below replacement. Does that concern you”? Fuentes asks. “Nah….no” Shane stutters. “If you believe that your race is superior, you believe the white race is superior” he continues to say before Fuentes interjects to state that he doesn’t support white supremacy. “You don’t support white supremacy….. you don’t think white people are superior”? Shane asks. “Not at all” Fuentes replies.

My favorite bit was when Fuentes unequivocally states “I am not a white supremacist” for the third time in a minute only for Shane to fire back with “you definitely are man”. Really hard hitting stuff here.

The video also follows a woman who lost a parent in the South Carolina church shooting. What does this have to do with Nick Fuentes? Essentially nothing, it’s simply another way to conflate Fuentes with something he hasn’t endorsed. He specifically condemns the violence of white power movements in this very documentary but that didn’t stop MTV from throwing that in there.

Sadly, as comically bad as this garbage is, it will be effective propaganda on the intended audience. This documentary is heavy on emotion and only attempts to associate Fuentes with white supremacy through shady editing, which is all that’s needed. The ominous music and talk of black people being killed is essentially just conveying “Nick Fuentes = literally Hitler” even as he disavows their movement time and time again. It’s the same tactic as the “very fine people” hoax. No matter what Nick Fuentes says or does, leftist authoritarians, bitter neo-cons and corporate media outlets have their narrative set.

This documentary honestly reeks of a set-up for future violence/media circuses surrounding Fuentes. The timing couldn’t be better. I mean, isn’t it crazy that this comes out right as Nick’s star is starting to rise? It’s all geared towards getting the drones, the “NPC’s”, subconsciously aware that “zoomer man bad” just like the orange man is bad. It’s clear that some media fuckery is going on, so be vigilant. For now, just appreciate the fact that one day you’re gonna miss reacting to low effort garbage like this MTV documentary.

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