Eminem Has Turned Into What He Used To Rap About

Eminem joined the club of anti-Trump media elitists by performing a whack ass freestyle in which he bashed President Trump. Unveiled at the BET awards, the freestyle was one of the weakest moments of Eminem’s entire career. The video was filmed in a parking garage and had a bunch of dudes from his just standing in the background looking all serious. It had no flow, no substance, and can basically be summed up as “HE’S RACIST AND HE’S ORANGE!”.

He also gave a giant middle finger to fans of his that also support Trump, like myself. Brilliant marketing.

The whole freestyle, you could tell that he was trying to replicate what made him great. Not giving a fuck about stupid awards shows, saying what was on his mind, talking about things that other rappers wouldn’t touch; all with that in your face, “no fucks given” style. Instead, what we got was an absolute train wreck where Eminem threw all of that out the window to become another corporate monkey banging the anti-Trump drum.

It is no surprise that Eminem has a new album coming out, so all of this makes sense. If you want to make money in the entertainment industry, the best way to do that is by saying you hate Trump. Smug late night hosts will pat you on the back, whatever you said will be worshiped as gospel even though its nothing but drivel, and mindless fools will buy your album because it reinforces their preconceived world views.

Gone are the days where Eminem was only concerned with being Eminem. He has betrayed everything that made him great just to sell an album. This is exactly the type of thing he used to rap about, and now here he is.

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