Frank Gore Secures KO Win in Pro Boxing Debut

When I think of Frank Gore, I don’t immediately see a five-time pro-bowl hall of fame running back. I don’t just see him as the running back with the third most all-time rushing yards, while playing more games than any other running-back ever has. I see a fighter

An absolute dog, 39-year-old Frank Gore has just recently completed his first professional boxing match. Not only did he have his first match, he absolutely slept opponent YaYa Olorunsa in the fourth round courtesy of a devastating overhand right.

Gore earned the nickname Frank the Tank during his illustrious NFL career, but it transitions quite well into his fledgling boxing career.

Standing at just 5’9, Gore is at a slight disadvantage when it comes to his height and reach. He more than makes up for it, however, as he weighed in at 216 pounds of almost all muscle.

While the bout marked the first professional boxing match foe Frank Gore, it was not his first foray into boxing.

Gore previously fought ex-NBA player Deron Williams on the undercard of Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul II.

That amateur boxing bout did not end well for Frank Gore, who lost after four rounds in a split-decision. Conditioning appeared to play a major factor in Gore’s loss with Williams

The 39-year-old seems to have used the setback as an opportunity to better himself, however, as evidenced by his KO win earlier this month.

No one is quite sure why Frank Gore is boxing, it could be a lack of competition after retirement, it could be a childhood dream. No one will really know for sure, but what we do know is that it’s entertainment, and the sports world is rooting for Frank Gore.

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