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The Phillies Have the Best Uniforms In Baseball

Despite all of the disappointment surrounding the first month of Phillies baseball, we can all rest assured of one thing that makes them great: they have the best uniforms in baseball. There are many great kits throughout the league. The Mets’ black jerseys jump to mind. As do Toronto’s baby blues. However, one set of threads stands tall above the rest: the Phillies’ throwback powder blues.

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In 1973, the Phillies made one of the best decisions in franchise history by introducing the powder blue and maroon road jerseys to their uniform kit. Back then, it was very much in vogue for teams to have garish uniforms featuring solid colored pants. Nowadays, every franchise’s standard home uniforms have white pants, while road uniforms feature gray. Many team’s throwback and alternate uniforms have colored pants, like the Pirates’ black and yellows or the myriad city connect schemes. The Phillies’ are no exception to this rule, as their standard home pants are white with red pinstripes, while the roads are dull gray.

The Phillies have a handful of alternate uniforms, including the fan-favorite cream colored set, reserved for use on Sundays. However, far and away the most popular attire is the colorful 1970’s threads that are used for Throwback Thursdays; made most famous by Bryce Harper’s titanic walk-off grand slam on 15 August, 2019. These uniforms are a reminder of an idyllic time in Phillies history. An era with the likes of Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton and Tug McGraw. They’re a perfect change of pace from the clean, understated look of the regular Phillies’ uniforms. These are loud, brash and in your face. These uniforms show that the Phillies are here to make some noise, and look amazing in the process.

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