Biden says Americans can “In All Probability” Expect More COVID Restrictions

On Friday, Biden said Americans can “in all probability” expect to face more restrictions due to an increase in COVID cases. Biden blamed the “Delta variant” for the increase.

“Should Americans expect more guidelines coming up, more restrictions because of COVID?” asked a reporter. “In all probability,” Biden replied. “By the way, we had a good day yesterday. Almost a million people got vaccinated, about half a million of those people for the first time or for their second shot. So I am hopeful that people are beginning to realize how essential it is to move.”

Biden did not elaborate on the particulars of any “restrictions”, nor did he provide a timetable as to when Americans can expect them.

On the same day, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told Fox News that the administration was looking into the possibility of a vaccine mandate. “That’s something that I think the administration is looking into. It’s something that I think we’re looking to see approval of from the vaccine,” Walensky said to Fox News anchor Bret Baier. “I have nothing further to say on that except that we are looking into those policies,” she added.

Walensky later stated that she was referring to mandates for government agencies, not a nationwide mandate.

Walensky’s statement came just a day after White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients denied that the administration was looking at a nationwide vaccine mandate. Biden had earlier told reporters: “It’s still a question whether the federal government can mandate the whole country. I don’t know that yet.”

The Biden regime’s inconsistent messaging on lockdowns and mask mandates comes as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signaled that he will break from the federal government if such measures were to be implemented.

“Floridians are free to choose — and all Americans should be free to choose — how they govern their affairs, how they take care of themselves and our families, and they should not be consigned to live — regardless of which state in the union — consigned to live in a Faucian dystopia in which we’re governed by the whims of bureaucratic authorities who care little for our freedom, little for our aspirations and little for our happiness. No more. We can’t let it happen going forward,” DeSantis recently stated.

DeSantis also issued an executive order last week to halt school mask mandates in the state. It remains to be seen how things will proceed between the Biden administration and state governments.

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