The Simone Biles Fiasco Demonstrates How The Outrage Mob Functions

Nobody who claims to care about the Simone Biles fiasco actually cares. It has simply become the latest outlet for “stunning and brave” sessions.

You can take SEVERAL seats if you have any issue with a strong black woman like Simone Biles whatsoever. Got a negative take? Clearly it’s a result of white male insecurity, even if you aren’t a white male. Same script every time, it’s routine. Then low hanging fruit like Charlie Kirk will take the bait, insult Simone Biles, and become the target of said outrage.

The only thing worth mentioning about this story is that it provides insight as to how the mob functions. Think of woke ideologues as having an antenna hooked up to their brains. Simply feed them stimuli, reinforce it with social media echo chambers and boom, they’ll believe literally anything. This is how you get people who have “ACAB” in their bio to pearl clutch over the beloved Capitol Police. 150 injuries!

It’s how you get people firmly believing they’re the most educated, intelligent, virtuous people in human history for advocating for draconian lockdown measures over a disease with a median death age of 80. A disease with a 99.8% recovery rate. A disease where almost all deaths come from those with compromised immune systems who would be at risk of dying from the flu. What data is the “science” cult looking at exactly?

The answer is, everything these people do is based off emotion, and people have always been led to do stupid things when they’re motivated by emotion.

What conservatives, Republicans and anyone opposed to leftist orthodoxy don’t realize is that “ideas” and “facts” mean nothing to this crowd. You’re never going to convince them of anything because they operate in a different dimension. They are always smart, you are always uneducated trailer trash. They trust TheScience™, you’re a rube who believes Russian disinformation while getting your marching orders from Fox News. They’re for good things, you’re for bad things.

This is the end result of a positive feedback loop that starts from an early age. Every relative, teacher, professor and every piece of media they consume reinforces mob’s beliefs. These beliefs have no basis beyond feel-good words, phrases and stories. Don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement or BLM the group? Well, clearly you’re racist, because who would say black lives don’t matter?

If these people were told to believe that kicking puppies was good, they would be on that train. They would tell you that not kicking puppies spreads the Delta variant and that your dissent is Russian propaganda. Then once they say it, their fellow cult members will give them the dopamine hits they have a junkie-level craving for in the form of social media clout.

Remember the NPC meme? It was a reality. There are millions of NPC’s out there that can be easily programmed. In the 2000’s this worked on the right in the form of worshipping the security state to stop Islamic extremism. Now, it works perfectly on leftists with getting them to view their neighbors as domestic enemies.

Nobody cares about Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympics, especially the people telling everyone how stunning and brave she is. Praising Simone Biles means a pat on the head for whoever said it, and that’s all that matters to them.

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