Rooting Against Woke Olympians Doesn’t Make You Unpatriotic

The US Women’s Soccer Team lost their opening match to Sweden 3-0 last week. It is quite possible that half of the country, to the extent they care, celebrated the loss. Does rooting against these specific Olympians mean that they’re unpatriotic? Not at all. Quite the opposite, I would argue.

The United States of America doesn’t have a women’s soccer team. The team that got its ass kicked by the Swedes represents the GAE, or the Globalist American Empire (a term coined by former Trump speechwriter and founder of Revolver news, Darren Beattie). 

Before the game, much of the team engaged in a performative woke virtue signal by kneeling for the National Anthem, all while wearing jerseys saying Black Lives Matter, which happens to be one of the state slogans of the GAE.

USWNT star Megan Rapinoe was the original woke member of the team. She has been kneeling for the anthem since Colin Kaepernick famously did back in 2016. Since then, she has aired out her many grievances. These grievances include supposed mistreatment of LGBT people, Trump being bad and orange, and wanting to get paid more.

Sadly, she has spread the woke virus to much of the rest of the team. Much of the team even turned their backs to a WW2 veteran playing the National Anthem at a recent exhibition game.

The Olympians on this team who espouse anti-American sentiment do not represent the vast majority of this country. The only thing that we have in common with them is that we were born within the same geographical borders. The idea that we view citizenship in the same way that people who either kneel for the anthem or sneer at the flag is absurd and completely divorced from reality. 

The colors of the flag and the name “USA” may be on the jerseys, but Rapinoe and others have made clear how they really feel about this country and many of its citizens. This applies for any Team USA athletes who make similar gestures.

The National Anthem is one of the things we have as a society that is supposed to be a uniting force, regardless of your race, gender, political views, etc.

That is no longer the case, and we are worse off for it.

This team represents the values of the GAE, not the USA. If you find yourself rooting against this team, as I and many others have, do not feel guilty. If you’re someone who will be watching, root for Olympians who show a little national pride. You’re under no obligation to support people who hate you and your values.

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