Pennsbury School Board Solicitor Aggressively Shouts Down Concerned Citizens

Simon Campbell has released shocking footage of a Pennsbury School District board meeting in which parents concerned over the district’s “equity” policies were aggressively shouted down. The unedited footage shows attorney Peter Amuso, who is supposed to be serving purely as an advisor to the board, aggressively yelling “you’re done” before shutting down speakers.

Amuso appointed himself supreme leader of the school board and aggressively shut down three separate speakers. He told them their concerns were “irrelevant” and that they were in violation of the board’s conduct policies. Of course, Amuso was the only one in the room yelling and screaming.

Campbell’s fiery speech at the June Pennsbury School Board meeting went viral. Campbell, a former member of the board and current free speech activist, blasted the board after they edited out the segments from the above video.

“I’m quoting you from the U.S. Supreme Court. The judges wrote: ‘This nation is founded on the profound national commitment to the principle that debate of public issues shall be uninhibited, robust, and wide open. And that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.’ That’s constitutional case law in this nation. I don’t have to be nice to you. Nobody behind me has to be nice to you,” said Campbell.

The Bucks County activist’s latest video has been viewed over half a million times on YouTube.

Pennsbury residents also obtained emails that show the district’s “equity” director, Dr. Cherrissa Gibson, calling for comments to be edited out, which they were. “Mr. Marshall’s comments focus specifically on black people and are filled with microaggressions as well as explicit racist ideas,” she wrote in regards to comments made by Lower Makefield resident Doug Marshall. “His comments connect the Black community to several commonly-held, stereotypical beliefs that are harmful,” she said before explicitly calling for the comments to be removed. Her request was happily obliged by board president Christine Toy-Dragoni.

It is expected that lawsuits will be brought against Amuso and the board over their actions.

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