Former Bellator Fighter Joe Schilling Violently Knocks Out Bar Patron

Former Glory kickboxer and Bellator MMA fighter Joe Schilling brutally knocked out a bar patron over the weekend.

In a video that was initially posted to Schilling’s Instagram, a drunk man can be seen conversing with other people at the bar. Schilling can then be seen entering the frame, trying to get around the drunk guy, who bumps into him. Schlling then shoves the man out of the way, who then turned around and said “hey.”

Schilling then throws a a two-punch combo that put the man out cold.

Schilling claimed self defense and that he was in a “life threatening situation.”

The professional fighter claimed that the man was being “racist” and that he had been rapping the entire night.

“Little context … this guy’s rapping like an idiot,” Schilling wrote on social media. “The busboy, who happens to be black, walks by and this idiot bumps into him and screams out: “Me and broke n***as, we don’t get along,” he said via Instagram.

“The busboy was seriously offended, but doesn’t want to lose his job. As the night goes on, this clown starts looking at me … I go outside to smoke as I’m walking back, he bumps into me. I put my hand out to catch him, he immediately says sorry.”

“You can see me nod my head like cool. The he realizes it’s the guy he’s been rapping at all night (and) yells ‘HEY’. I turn around and he flexes on me … bad decisions are made every day. The busboy and DJ came up to thank me. As you can see from this video, when he flexed on me I was scared for my life and simply defending myself against the evil in this world.”

Schilling, now 37, has not fought professionally since 2019.

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