Series of Attacks Against Women Reported in Northern Liberties

Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties has seen an uptick in attacks against women. The story was first reported by CBS 3’s Alexandria Hoff, who was contacted by a victim.

Last Friday, a woman was walking on 2nd Street when she spotted a group of four to five teens on bikes riding towards her. “He turned and he cornered me against the wall and he groped me and grabbed my ___ and he started laughing and he rode off with his friends and they were all laughing,” the victim said.

The victim asked to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation. Just a week before the incident, the victim had her phone stolen by who she feels may have been the same group. “I was like crying and shaking and I just felt so victimized in that moment, but I was more upset for the fact that I lost all the photos of my newborn,” she said.

CBS 3 then alerted the Instagram page “Watch Out Philly”, who posted a PSA as well as a picture of the suspects. At least one appears to be a man in his 20’s.

Since breaking the story, more than a dozen women have reached out to report being groped and assaulted, mostly centered in Northern Liberties. One victim was punched in the head, resulting in a bruise. She was also groped and fears retaliation at her place of employment.

The group apparently frequents the same area. “They have continued to throw stuff at our customers, to pick stuff up off our tables like glassware and food and throw it on to our customers,” she said.

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