The Right Can No Longer Tolerate Unserious Thought Leaders

It’s far from a stretch to say that just about everything that held this country together has been thrown in the trash. I won’t give some “both sides” take on this; it happened mostly because anti-American, anti-white radicals are hellbent on destroying it. The evidence is in your face everyday that these people have no interest in coming together with right wingers or conservatives. They view conservatives as enemy combatants. They cherry pick instances of white men committing violence while excusing and justifying black-on-white violence. They preach that white people are inherently evil, deserve to be replaced and can never atone for the original sin of racism.

No, I’m not going to go through and list examples. It’s so overwhelming and backed by the establishment that I could pull up multiple examples of this taking place in just the past week. And yes, while the ruling elite/uniparty may be the ultimate problem, it is fundamentally undeniable that the modern left is anti-America, anti-white and anti-Western. Oligarchs may be pulling the strings, but this fantasy that leftists just “respectfully disagree” is just that. Just breathe, it’s OK to state what you know to be true.

Yet, stating this might as well be a leap over a cavern for the vast majority of conservative thought leaders. They only know how to play defense, constantly bowing down to the left and accepting their narratives. They make sure they tailor their statements and content to fit perfectly within leftist frame, as in making sure that they pander to everybody but white people.

When right wing thought leaders do push back against race-based Bolshevism , they do so in ways that doesn’t address the core issue. They won’t call critical race theory-based curriculum anti-white, but they’ll find some way to say that it hurts other ethnic groups.

Sadly, too many on the right only want to engage in the “fun” side of politics. Doing anything more would force them to acknowledge that there is nothing fun about it.

That’s not to say that there’s plenty of room for nuance. We all find ways to laugh at unhinged leftist foot soldiers and journalists. Ultimately, however, this is very serious, and the right needs leaders who are willing to recognize the threat.

Nothing highlights this disconnect more than the “abuela” fiasco. After AOC did an orange man bad about Puerto Rico aid relief — stating that her grandmother’s ancestral home was in need of repairs she didn’t have the money for — Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire team started a GoFundMe to raise the money.

The TrueConservative™ ecosystem ate it up. After all, nothing says “own the libs” like funding the libs.

Of course, AOC didn’t accept the money and nobody acknowledged it. No media outlets ran stories to show that conservatives are “better” than “that.” The stories that did run portrayed Shapiro and company as aggressors. Why did they do this? Well, because the mainstream media and AOC have no interest in coming together. Again, this seems to be an impossible pill to swallow for many conservatives, but there’s no need to sugarcoat it.

What won’t TrueConservative™ commentators discuss? Well, anything of substance really. They won’t cover how people with no criminal who simply trespassed in the Capitol are being held in solitary confinement. They won’t even speak the names of people like Alex Jones or Nick Fuentes, or how Fuentes was placed on a no-fly list despite not being accused of committing a crime. They won’t discuss the impending railroading of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Why will they donate to AOC’s grandmother, but not cover these issues?

Well for one, money and clout. It’s quite easy to gain a following on social media if you know what you’re doing and most importantly, keep it milquetoast. If you’re posting high volume content on the daily for politics, sports or anything else, you will gain a following relatively quickly. If you want to actually challenge the status-quo, however, that inevitably comes with pissing people off. It will close doors to monetization opportunities, slow the growth of your following and force you to really dig deep in order to carve out a niche.

Most on the right who go the blogger, influencer or operative route will take the money. It’s way easier to tweet generic memes while promoting Shoe0nhead to show how “reasonable” you are than challenging the core of issues. It’s easier to accept Turning Point USA’s offer in college than it is to ally with ideologically committed groups and fight for your values. It’s easier to run through a hole that Nick Fuentes types cleared than risk your own reputation by challenging extremists wherever possible.

The end result is what we have currently: a totally neutered right wing media and influence circle that values money and clout over fighting for conservative values.

The other reason, which is the chief reason everyday right wing Americans struggle with, is that the issues mentioned above force the lie to collapse.

Why does the left want Kyle Rittenhouse thrown in jail forever? He’s a white male who pushed back. Their minds were made up the second the shooting happened, there was no examination of the facts. How do we know this? Because the facts are quite clear. Rittenhouse was separated from his group, followed and eventually attacked by violent rioters who tried to grab his rifle.

After being tackled, Rittenhouse fired and shot Joseph Rosenbaum, who later died. Rosenbaum — who attacked first — was a convicted pedophile. Rosenbaum was charged with 11 counts of child molestation, the victims being five boys with ages ranging from nine to 11 years old. He also had convictions for domestic abuse-related crimes and had an open case for jumping bail at the time of his arrest.

Rittenhouse was then chased by a mob while attempting to surrender to police and was tackled again from behind. At this point he fired and killed Anthony Huber, who was attempting to hit him over the head with a skateboard. After Huber slumped over to the side, Rittenhouse, who was sitting on the ground with his rifle ready, was approached by a man with his hands up. The man, Gaige Grosskreutz, then raised a handgun and was shot in the hand by Rittenhouse. After that, Rittenhouse got up and ran to police lines, where he surrendered himself. Grosskreutz had a firearms conviction on his record, so he was not legally allowed to own the firearm he attempted to kill Rittenhouse with after a fake surrender.

Jim Piwowarczyk of Wisconsin Right Now put together a very comprehensive timeline of the Rittenhouse shooting that includes videos, court documents and other valuable information. You can read it here.

Ultimately, Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with murdering Huber and Rosenbaum. Despite all the evidence, most of which was available on day one, the Bolsheviks are committed to seeing Rittenhouse put away. Again, it has nothing to do with the facts of the case. They decided what they wanted the moment they saw his face; because he’s white, likely right-leaning and he dared to shoot a convicted child molester who tried to kill him.

When the Rittenhouse trial gets underway in November, leftists will demand he be locked up. They will hear nothing of the evidence and will cherry pick minor details that help their narrative. If he is acquitted — which might be a tough ask given that trial by media is the rule of law now — they will likely get violent.

My question is, how can anyone on the right examine the facts surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse case and believe that those calling for his head want to “come together” with them?

Deep down, they know this to be true, but they want to keep the lie going. These things are uncomfortable and it isn’t the fault of law-abiding Americans that they got this far. But continuing down this path after all that has been laid out clearly is a choice at this point.

“Conservative” commentators will never stop their click farms and money machines, but everyday conservatives can choose not to patronize them. It starts with acknowledging that radical changes in approach are needed and that Americans are facing uncomfortable realties.

Ultimately, Americans are craving a strong force to push back against these extremists. This includes millions of non-white Americans, particularly Hispanics, who would follow right wing causes if they had backbone. Calling out anti-white hatred isn’t “white supremacy”, standing up for conservative social values isn’t “hateful” and putting America first benefits all its citizens.

The path forward for the American right is authenticity and backbone, not the pandering and insincere political calculations of the past.

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