It’s OK To Leave Weak Conservatives Behind


Am I surprised that “fund the libs to own the libs” was a thing? Not at all. After the last year and a half, I’ve really come to learn that true, America first conservatives are a tiny minority. However many you think there are, it’s probably best to cut that number in half.

Sadly, too many on the American right simply do not get it. They don’t understand that this is an existential crisis for the United States, and they don’t understand that today’s leftists, at least the power brokers, are the same mass murderers from the 20th century, only re-branded.

For years, I thought legitimate progress was being made on this front. Every indicator created the impression that there were millions upon millions of silent Trump supporters who just didn’t want to get dogpiled. Since I’m vocal about these things, people would privately share their views with me all the time. It felt as though left wing activists were a loud, vocal minority who, granted, have a-lot of punching power thanks to their corporate backers. But ultimately, it felt as though a-lot of people saw it.

Well, they did see it. Trump received a whopping 10 million more votes than he did in 2016. He was leading in every state he lost until the count stopped in the dead of night so that just enough Biden ballots could be dumped. We can go on all day about the specifics regarding the 2020 election, but the main takeaway here is that the specifics don’t matter.

The truth is, the left would only need about 40 million supporters to project the power they do now. With just 40 million supporters, they can project the power of 200 million thanks to the power of their emotional rhetoric. Why is that? Because most conservatives are beaten down, scared and feckless. Leftists will cut off family members over supporting Trump. They’ll mine your tweets for wrongthink in hopes of getting you fired. White leftists encourage violence against other white people, only to have their white conservative neighbors continue to associate with them.

For all the bashing of Marvel fanboys in right wing circles, conservatives sure do have the same mentality. It’s like they think a super hero is going to swoop in at the last moment and save the day. Just keep your head down, shut up and be sure to take whatever abuse leftists throw at you. That’s the winning strategy!

It’s no wonder that leftists are able to do whatever they want, constitution or societal norms be damned. Rather than admit that leftists hate them, conservatives pretend. Read any average leftist’s Twitter feed and it’s round the clock hatred, encouraging violence against those they disagree with, demands for their political opponents to be rounded up. Conservatives? Well, having backbone means people might say mean things about you on the internet (directly), so we can’t have that.

This is why they would only need 40 million. In Delco, where I grew up, the vast majority of Trump supporters were absolutely petrified that their scumbag neighbors would find out. Never mind that said neighbors have absolutely no qualms about cramming their ideology into everything possible; “politics” is never worth making some piece of garbage whose worldview is “pay for my student loans you racist bigot.” Everyone knows you have to appease that!

But believe me, not only do they appease it, they bow down to it. Every now and then we have an absolute Twitter blitzkrieg where EVERY athlete, EVERY musician, EVERY white girl on Twitter, is demanding that you be mad about the thing. Examples include Charlottesville, the St. George riots and the January 6th protest. Go on Twitter on any of those days and you would have been absolutely beaten over the head with emotional rhetoric. The goal is to make conservatives feel as though everybody is against them, that only fringe right-wingers truly support the orange man.

So what do they do? They kneel and beg for approval. Never mind the fact that you will never — let me stress this, NEVER — be woke enough for them, people do it anyway. If you voted for Donald Trump, or any Republican, these people hate you and will do so with increasing vitriol. You can never atone for that “sin” no matter how much you grovel.

But, grovel they do. “Look liberal friends from high school, I did a tweet condemning the orange man on 1-6! Please like me :).”

“Wh-wh what do you mean Mr. black person sir?!? I posted the black screen! I’m not racist!!!”

It’s like a turtle retreating to its shell, a defense mechanism. These types of “normie cons”, or whatever you wanna call them, are mortified by the left whether they’ll admit it or not. Being called scary names on the internet is the absolute worst thing that can happen according to them, and even though leftists do it anyway, they still cave.

There is no greater mark of a truly emasculated, brow-beaten conservative than donating to the GoFundMe for AOC’s grandmother. Spearheaded by Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh, TrueConservative™ ultimately donated over $100,000, 50k above their target goal, before the effort was shut down. Despite supposedly being left in dire straits with no money to pay for repairs to her ancestral home, “abuela” refused the money and all donors will now be refunded.

What was the purpose of this? Walsh would tell you that it was to “troll” or “own” the libs, maybe give you some “they go low, we go higher” justification. The reality, however, is that cheap publicity stunts like this are easy. Walsh and Shapiro could have raised money for the political prisoners facing decades in prison for walking around in the Capitol, but they didn’t. That would require backbone and actually challenging the status quo, so instead they raise money for people who hate them.

Nothing screams “out of touch” more than donating to the abuela fund. It shows that one is operating under the flawed premise that everything is “fair”, that your kindess will be rewarded just because. In reality, leftists will kick you in the nuts and see nothing wrong with it. They don’t care about hypocrisy because they don’t see you as human and they don’t see your movement or ideas or legitimate. They’ll respond to one extending their hand in friendship by spitting in their face, all while justifying it.

This is where we are, no matter how many conservatives or right wingers want to deny reality.

The only way forward is to cut these people off. Stop viewing conservatives/Trump voters as allies by default. Expect people like this to betray their values, because they’re cowards. And when the mob comes for them, don’t waste time or resources bailing them out, because they’ve more than earned it. Just tell them to let the racism committee know that they posted the black screen, I’m sure it will help!

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