Villanova Professor Praises The ‘Marxist Foundation of Critical Race Theory’

A Villanova University professor recently praised the “Marxist foundation” of critical race theory. Glenn Bracey, an assistant professor of sociology at Villanova, stated as much via a zoom lecture. He also directly stated that critical race theory is “rooted in Marxism.”

“I want to say that the Marxist foundation of critical race theory is, at base, a spiritual concern,” Bracey said. “Its Marxism, my point being critical race theory’s Marxism is fundamentally a spiritual uh concern.”

Bracey, who teaches at a Catholic University, argues that Christianity is the biggest obstacle to implementing critical race theory. “It’s important for us to—given the power, frankly, of the church, to move politics, given its funding, given how so many people come to the academy first with the church as a large backdrop in their lives, that it’s important that we, as critical race theorists, be able to speak to them on their terms.”

“We as critical race theorists need to continue to be aggressive in promoting critical race theory, we should say how it relates to spirituality and religion in particular,” Bracey said.

“Evangelical Christians are very upset about critical race theory because it is self-consciously grounded in Marxism. Now, when Evangelical Christians hear critical race theory is grounded in Marxism, what they hear is, religion is opiate of the masses, that religion is a distraction from justice, that religion is nothing more than fictions that are—that make people deviate from reality,” he said.

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