Calls Grow Louder for a Pennsylvania Election Audit

The ongoing election audit in Arizona has led to increased calls for similar efforts elsewhere. The state is currently in the process of an Arizona Senate approved audit that is taking place after a judge ruled that all ballots must be turned over. The audit is exclusively focusing on two races — the presidential race and the U.S. senate race.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason ruled that state senate issued subpoenas were valid, which allowed the audit to go forward. This ruling came after a months-long conflict in which Maricopa County officials argued that said subpoenas were unlawful, and that they didn’t have to turn over the ballots.

The audit began last Friday and should wrap up sometime this week. It will include another signature check and is being led by the Florida based company called Cyber Ninjas, along with three other firms.

Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan stated that he hoped to find nothing. “If we go through here and we don’t find any fraud, I’m going to be ecstatic. I’m going to love that. And I want to be able to tell people about it. If we go through here and find fraud, I want to fix it,” he said.

As the Arizona situation unfolds, calls for a similar effort in Pennsylvania have been growing louder. Teddy Daniels — a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District — recently called for an audit in the keystone state. “We need to audit the vote in Pennsylvania, we need to get it done,” Daniels said in a Facebook video.

Daniels — a Purple Heart Afghanistan veteran who narrowly lost in 2020 — then called out weak Republicans for their failure to stand up. “I am sick and tired of the politically connected and entitled not doing a damn thing to stand up for the men and women that they’re supposed to represent,” he continued.

He then specifically called for audits in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Luzerne County. “We need Philadelphia, we need Pittsburgh, and I want Luzerne County looked at, OK? You start with those three counties, and we do an audit. And you know what? If nothing is found, then I’ve got egg on my face,” he continued in the video, which is more than worth a watch.

A couple weeks back, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Mensch introduced legislation that would require the state Auditor General to perform an audit. Mensch’s legislation would, “require an audit that will gather and look at county-level information related to mail-in ballots requested, mailed, returned, and certified, as well as relevant similar data related to provisional ballots.”

“It is clear that the process of the election has led to many questions from our constituents, and that includes both Republicans and Democrats,” said Mensch.

As Daniels stated in his Facebook video, these efforts wouldn’t overturn anything. They would lead to accountability in the future, however, as well as showing that Republicans are willing to fight for the integrity of their voters.

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  1. If the election was proved to be rigged and not counted correctly then be sure it will be overturned. We the people will make sure to that.

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