Allentown Residents may Vote on Dropping English as City’s Official Language

Allentown residents may soon vote on a referendum that would remove English as the city’s official language. English is listed as the city’s official language according to the Allentown Home Rule Charter. The topic was discussed at a city council meeting on Wednesday night.

A paragraph in the charter states that “English shall be the official language of the City of Allentown and the language in which City business will be conducted, unless otherwise required by applicable state and/or federal law or regulation.”

The proposed ordnance would eliminate that part of the charter.

The Rules, Chambers, Intergovernmental Relations and Strategy Committee will review the proposition. If approved, Allentown voters would then decide on the issue via referendum question. It would ask, “Shall paragraph B of Section 101 of the City of Allentown Home Rule Charter be removed from the Charter.”

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