Why I Find White Leftists Particularly Repulsive

As America waits for a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, the country is on edge, and we all know why of course. If the verdict isn’t what leftist paramilitaries (BLM and Antifa) and associated thugs want, they will take to the streets and get violent. They will burn down buildings, police will stand down, innocent people will be killed, and millions of predominantly white leftists will cheer it on from the sidelines.

I personally find white leftists to be particularly repulsive. Now before you think this is some pandering, “the DEMONcrats are the real racists” type nonsense, don’t. The pandering from Charlie Kirk types and other liberal Republicans is entirely insincere, and people of all races and backgrounds understand that. So in calling out white leftists, this isn’t some “safe”, pillow hands political piece.

But white leftists are particularly repulsive because for one, they’re hypocrites. The vast majority of these people live in predominantly white, affluent suburbs. On social media, they’re crusaders for social justice. They cheer on as “racists” are doxxed, threatened, fired and even attacked. They fuel the flames of racial violence while not having a direct stake in it.

For the vast majority of white leftists, the Black Lives Matter movement is simply a source of internet points. Women do it to feel included, while men typically do it because they’re working the (totally not predatory), “I’m a nice guy, now have sex with me” angle with women.

Ask anyone who grew up around these types and they’ll tell you the same. How can we confirm it? Simply look at the neighborhoods they live in. White leftists typically aren’t found in desolate inner-city neighborhoods, they’re found in the suburbs. Most are rich college students whose entire ideology revolves around the “male feminist” angle mentioned above or posturing for other white leftists.

They aren’t sending their kids to high schools where stabbings happen monthly, they send them to private schools or the best public schools in the nation. They do this while decrying “institutional racism” as they plant their families in the red-lined neighborhoods they claim are so evil. They drop the n-word in private, lock their car doors as black people pass and make racist jokes, but cheer as their political enemies have their lives turned upside down for the same offenses.

The average white leftist is a total scumbag, or dangerously naive. Ultimately, it’s being dangerous that elevates white leftists from a nuisance to an existential threat.

If some self-hating lowlife wants to decry the evils of white people, that’s fine. The problem is, white leftists pour gasoline on a fire that will engulf not just all white people, but all Americans once 21st century communism is ushered in. They validate narratives that are used to justify political violence, then they cheer on the violence when it happens. What happens when too many black people move in? They skip town to the next majority white enclave and repeat.

The superficial existence of white leftists cannot be overstated enough. They create genuine problems for other people, with tangible consequences. Their dangerous social media posts and support for violent rioting go far beyond “having a right to an opinion”, as political violence has no place in a civil society.

White leftists of course create problems for people of all races, but particularly white conservatives. In their minds, throwing perceived “racists” to the wolves will absolve them of the original sin of whiteness. Of course we all know this isn’t reality, and the choices white leftists make themselves show that they don’t believe this either.

So the question is, why do people accept this? If Chauvin is acquitted, the country will burn again and suburban white leftists will cheer it on for internet points. At what point will white conservatives stop going along to get along with people who are putting everyone at risk? Yes, it may be hard to view those one grew up with negatively, but they’re not really leaving anyone else a choice. They’re the ones who won’t leave other people alone.

I’m 24 and not married yet, but when I have kids, I’d like to leave them something worthwhile. Why should future generations suffer because pampered, self-hating white people need to feel validated? I’ve personally had enough.

The reality is that people have had it too good for too long. It’s more common to run from confrontation than stand for anything worthwhile. Nobody stands up for anything in the interest of just floating along. “Can’t say that bro, it’s not worth it bro” as totalitarian, violent leftists become increasingly bold, both inside government and on the streets.

Clearly, too many people never learned that appeasement only makes the inevitable conflict exceedingly worse than it has to be. So long as the majority of white conservatives, or just white people who don’t hate themselves, allow these losers to continue with their nonsense unabated, more people will get hurt. More scholarships will be lost over old tweets, more witch hunts will take place against perceived “racists”, and vigilante justice will be doled out as the media cheers it on.

They get away with it because there isn’t resistance. It stops when Americans say it stops, when they start calling a spade a spade and realize that not everything is a superhero movie with a happy ending. So to that end, white leftists are dangerous and need to be confronted. Does this mean that you should grab the first one you see by the neck and get violent? No, but you don’t have to do this whole, “we’re better than them” or “it’s not worth it” self-defeating approach that most white conservatives seem to opt for.

At the end of the day, the BLM mobs are just about introducing race based communism. Old terminology doesn’t work anymore, so the new “means of production” have become access to “privilege”, which of course only whites inherently have. The reason for all the world’s ills are because white people did __ which prevented resources from going to ___. Every issue in the world can be traced back to this in the minds of 21st century commies.

So of course it is no surprise that white leftists are routinely eaten by the mob themselves. The video of a brick going through the window of a white family yelling “we support you!” as BLM marches down their street comes to mind, but you can find a new example every week. It’s a rabid, mindless mob that only knows how to attack. Questions are asked later, if ever at all. So why are these people worth it? At the end of the day, this stuff is coming for everyone no matter what they do.

If anyone wants to continue with the wishy washy approach and simply wait for their turn on the chopping block, have at it. Plenty of people won’t be doing that any longer, however. These are serious times, the threat of violence is real and the nation is undergoing an existential crisis.

Sorry, but the feelings of white leftists who can’t help but make their contempt known for everyone with the wrong political opinions, are the least of my concern. They can go to hell.

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