CNN Technical Director Reveals That Network Suppressed COVID Recovery Rates, Hyped Up Death Tolls

CNN technical director Charlie Chester found himself as the subject of the latest Project Veritas investigation. Over a series of tinder dates with an undercover Project Veritas reporter, Chester spilled more than one revealing detail about the network’s political coverage.

In regards to COVID-19, the director boasted about how the pandemic was hyped up in an effort to cast doubt on Trump. “COVID? Gangbusters with ratings,” Chester said while boasting about how the media covers emotionally charged stories for ratings. “Which is why we constantly have the death toll on the side, which I have a major problem with how we’re tallying how many people die every day. Because I’ve even looked at it and been like, look at it and be like, let’s make it higher. Like, why isn’t it high enough, you know today? Like it would make our point better if it was higher,” he continued.

The CNN employee also revealed that CNN President Jeff Zucker has minute-by-minute control over everything that airs on CNN, including graphics. Zucker will personally call in and dictate what he wants to air, according to more than one CNN employee quoted in the video. This includes suppressing COVID recovery rates because it wasn’t “scary enough”, done in conjunction with hyping up death tolls.

Chester also revealed the prevalent mindset at CNN in rather blunt terms. “I think they come off as very altruistic, but I think we bury the lead a-lot,” he said in a separate encounter. “Any reporter on CNN, what they’re actually doing is they’re telling the (viewer) what to say. It’s an art form in there…… It’s always like leading them in a direction before they open their mouths.”

What Charlie Chester revealed isn’t anything that people don’t already know, it’s more of a “here’s how the sausage is made” type situation. Of course media outlets run with emotionally charged stories; “if it bleeds it leads,” Chester said to the undercover reporter.

People know this goes on, but like many left wing activists masquerading as journalists, they never admit that.

It was no different when the CNN director was confronted by James O’Keefe at a restaurant. When presented with his direct quotes, Chester refused to own up to it. He refused to say what everyone knows, which is that CNN has a clear political agenda. “You’re on camera talking about the importance of, ‘getting Trump out of office without saying that’s what your intent is’, O’Keefe said to Chester at a Jersey City restaurant. The video then cut to the CNN Technical Director saying exactly this.

Despite spilling the beans and showing exactly how propaganda outlets like CNN, Fox and other cable news giants operate, Charlie Chester did say one great thing. “The most unbiased news is grassroots, out of people’s basements with podcasts. That’s the most unbiased you could possibly get.”

Very true Charlie!

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