Pittsburgh Man Accused Of Stabbing 12 year-old Boy, Using Racial Slurs

A Pittsburgh man has been charged with attempted homicide after stabbing a 12 year-old boy. Police arrested Charles Edward Turner, 51, after the man slashed and stabbed the boy with a box cutter.

The stabbing took place at a Pittsburgh McDonald’s. The 12 year-old victim was inside the restaurant with his family when Turner tackled him from behind, reported Pittsburgh’s KDKA.

The victim’s family, along with other patrons, then pulled the man off. That’s when, according to the complaint, they noticed the boy had been slashed in the neck and was bleeding.

The police arrived moments after the assault took place shortly after 2 PM on Saturday. Officers found Turner standing in the front vestibule of the store, who immediately began to fight with them.

According to documents relating to the arrest, Turner fought with officers and hurled racial slurs. Turner allegedly called the McDonald’s staff and arresting officers “white devils” and “white satan”, according to the complaint.

The document also states that Turner punched an arresting officer in the face while kneeing another. Officers later recovered a black and yellow box cutter from the scene of the stabbing, along with a blood stained razor blade.

The boy was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition and his injury later stabilized. Investigators described the laceration as a “stab and slash wound”, while the victim’s family members also suffered minor injuries.

Turner also bit one of the witnesses to the attack. “Officers observed this bite mark and it was actively bleeding,” the complaint stated, which was reported by Fox 29 Philadelphia.

The 51 year-old Turner is being charged with multiple felonies in connection with the stabbing. He is charged with:

–  Criminal Attempt Homicide
– 4 counts of Aggravated Assault
– 2 counts of Simple Assault
– Resisting Arrest

Turner was denied bail yesterday afternoon and is currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail. Investigators are working with the FBI in order to determine if the stabbing was a hate crime.

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