‘Cancel Culture’ Is A Political Suppression Tactic, Not A Passing Fad

For years, people have been expressing their dislike for “this PC stuff” or cancel culture. These terms get thrown around all the time, as did snowflake back in 2017, in reference to insane mobs of left-wing activists that get attack and threaten people over statements they don’t like. For awhile, it seemed as though the country was turning against this. It’s one of those things that people feel confidently speaking on in a bar or another off the cuff setting, but never when it means anything. Those conversations were increasing in frequency, at least from what I noticed, as “cancel culture” become increasingly more widespread in the Trump era.

Sadly, however, it was around the start of the pandemic and subsequent corporate sponsored race riots that I realized we hadn’t made nearly as much progress as I thought.

Remember the NPC meme that gained traction about a year and a half ago? It portrayed people who shill for oppressive censorship and other narratives as unthinking drones motivated purely by the orders they’re given. Well, that meme worked so well because it was much more real than most realize.

A study conducted by University of Nevada Psychology professor Russell T. Hurlburt found that 26% of the population has no internal monologue. Hurlburt’s study found its subjects demonstrating varying degrees of having an internal monologue, with some experiencing it 20% of the time while others went as high as 75%. “I’m confident about the individual differences—some people talk to themselves a lot, some never, some occasionally,” Hurlburt stated in a piece for Psychology Today.

Obviously something like this is nearly impossible to pinpoint. There’s no way to actually go inside someone’s head and find out if there’s an internal monologue, but it seems to be undisputed that at the very least, some people experience this phenomenon in very small doses, if at all.

With this information, “cancel culture” begins to make more sense. People who object to it generally analyze the behavior of a woke mob in rational terms, and a woke mob is far from rational.

At a minimum, people who know that “cancel culture” is happening need to recognize what it is. For years, what we call “cancel culture” has been talked about as some trendy online fad perpetuated by spoiled, insecure college students with nothing to do. This is true to an extent and it’s easy to feel this way at first, because the actual foot soldiers of this ideology are truly pathetic people. They’re mostly weak kneed, emotional and have never faced dire consequences; so they end up becoming the perfect battering ram for the ongoing Bolshevik revolution.

But that is what’s happening here and it needs to be recognized. This isn’t some fad that’s going to go away and woke culture isn’t just bored college kids who will one day “grow up” and become reasonable. No, “cancel culture” is a calculated political suppression technique orchestrated and sanctioned by the most powerful corporations on the planet.

This isn’t going to magically disappear when woke activists enter “the real world”, they are the real world. Major corporations are hiring “chief diversity officers”, who more or less act as racial commissars. Coca Cola was recently shown to have forced their employees to undergo “racial sensitivity” training that included Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” in the curriculum. Employees were instructed to “be less white” on one of the slides. One can check Twitter on a weekly basis and find dozens of cases where employees are fired for trivial reasons where they were deemed to be racist.

Americans need to stop treating these authoritarian suppression techniques as silly jokes. This is and has been very serious. If one is cancelled, that basically just means they were flexed on by power. The consequences of being cancelled don’t come from the debt-ridden losers who actually do the cancelling, they come from powerful institutions and corporations.

This ideology doesn’t exist by chance, it is calculated and allowed to flourish for a reason. Anti-American and anti-western ideologies are freely taught in universities, reinforced by mainstream media outlets and backed by threat of consequences if infringed upon. People don’t walk around with Stockholm syndrome in regards to “the woke mob” because they’re afraid of woke individuals, they’re afraid of losing their jobs or having financial institutions revoke access to their services.

The game being played is multi-layered and Americans, particularly conservatives, need to realize this. Stop thinking of far left activists as pathetic college students and treat them like the dangerous radicals they are. Understand that they operate based on emotion, understand that millions of Americans don’t have an internal monologue. Think of the woke legions as a literal swarm of drones, and always remember that they’re being controlled.

Nothing is spontaneous, people don’t genuinely hold these insane beliefs in large numbers. The power of the deep state, or the cathedral, or whatever you wanna call it, is all projected. It relies on the general population to be blind to the nature of how woke activists, aka NPC’s, operate. Understand that when dealing with someone brainwashed by woke ideology, you are dealing with a rabid animal. There isn’t going to be logic, they aren’t going to be persuaded by any graph or data you may present. They are 100% swayed by emotion and will convince themselves that genocide is the right thing if it was for the “greater good.”

Day by day, America’s children are being taught that Western Civilization is evil, oppressive and responsible for all the wrongs in the world. White people are responsible for all the world’s ills and any shortcomings “people of color” may have can be blamed on them. Only 14 “unarmed black men” were shot and killed by the police in 2019. Of those 14, most were cases where the suspect was armed with a knife moments before or something of that nature. According to the way woke activists talk, however, American police trophy hunt black people and rack up thousands upon thousands of murders a year.

If this was based on logic, it wouldn’t exist. Empty brains are filled up with emotion and taught how to think. Right now, they’re being taught to hate. They’re being taught to remove the barriers that prevent them from prospering, which happens to be other people. And while prominent, the racial component is simply the means being used towards the same end. Instead of seizing the means of production from the bourgeoisie, it is now about seizing wealth from those who “stole it”, which for now, is mostly white people. The scope has been expanding to include Asians, however, proving that the Marxist game is ever changing to meet a particular climate.

You think genocides throughout history have been committed by people who thought they were evil? In most cases, they thought they were doing something good. They removed the bad elements so that their people, goals, religion, or whatever it was, could prosper. Genocides have always been committed by mobs of NPC’s motivated by emotion and manipulated by propaganda.

That is exactly what we are dealing with in the United States and the West as a whole. Understand the threat, never underestimate it and learn everything you can about how to overcome it. Otherwise, things will turn out like they did in Russia, China and every other country who went down this dark road and couldn’t turn back.

Sorry, but low effort slogans like “America uncancelled” isn’t going to cut it. “These libs are crazy, am I right?” isn’t going to cut it either. Conservatives can point out hypocrisy and whine about how the left has no morals as the powers that be make one totalitarian gain after another. The only way out is to push back, and hard.

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