Conservatives Need To Stop Accepting Media Framing Of Every Issue


The media industrial complex has mastered framing. Most major media entities (all of them when the chips are down), push similar narratives. This includes social media platforms, cable news, blogs and local affiliates. There’s levels to the way it’s done, but at the end of the day, the same framing is conveyed.

They do this in a number of ways. Opposing thoughts are banned on Twitter while far left radicals are artificially pushed to the top. Biased news stories are featured on every social media platform, so much so that there really isn’t an escape unless you go through and block everything. Cable news is usually lockstep on big issues, including Fox News.

Every now and then, there is an absolute blitz from the entire media landscape that demands one must accept whatever is being said. For example, EVERYONE supposedly agreed with BLM. If you went on social media, or watched any televised newscast, you’d get the impression that 95% of the country is in agreement on that issue. That’s the framing, and usually, it works.

Sadly, a large segment of the population simply doesn’t care about politics one way or another. What everyone knows, however, is that the system is corrupted beyond repair. Look no further than the stimulus checks debacle to see how little Americans expect out of politicians. Despite being promised $2,000 checks if the Democrats could take the Senate, there has yet to be a delivery on this promise.

Biden has actually gone back on several of his campaign promises already, which isn’t all that surprising. Joe Biden was marketed as a “business as usual” President and that is exactly what he has been, right down to the bold faced lies and looting of the American people.

Yet, despite knowing this, far too many Americans were successfully subdued by the greatest propaganda machines ever created. He wasn’t perfect, but for one time, the American people had a President who wasn’t controlled by the establishment. The same establishment that everyone hates, that everyone hated under Bush and Obama. Yet, because Donald Trump was mean on Twitter, we just couldn’t have that.

There was never anything “far right” about Donald Trump. The baseless attacks levied against him only stuck because of the relentlessness with which they were deployed. All day everyday, the orange man was bad. He was bad according to the billionaires and corporations that people despised pre-Trump and that wasn’t even noticed. This was by design.

The Trump era wasn’t exactly new, at least in terms of the way the media operated. They led by the hand, laying things out as if they’re being explained to a fourth grade classroom. I mean, look at this laughable video where Dr. Fauci explains the structure of the coronavirus to Biden.

Comical, yet effective. Don’t kid yourself, the amount of rubes who will watch that and say “WOW! Thank god we have a President who believes in science. I’m safe now”, is too high.

However, the bread and butter of propaganda machines is relentless, drive-by hit pieces and stories. How many “the sky is falling” type narratives have been spun since 2016? There are so many that some totally get lost. For example, remember when the orange man repealing Net Neutrality was going to lead to the end of the internet as we know it? Remember Michael Avenatti? Remember that lady who went on CNN to say that Trump raped her and she enjoyed it?

Odds are you don’t remember everything, and you’re not supposed to. Ultimately, this strategy is aimed at muddying the water and creating so much noise that people beg for it to stop. The framing is that “everyone” hates Donald Trump, so you better not say anything or people will hate you too.

Joe Biden didn’t get elected because he was a charismatic candidate with great policies. He got elected for the same reason a tantrum-throwing toddler eventually gets his way; to make the noise stop.

After awhile, people stop looking at the validity of claims. It’s just constant noise, so they turn away. In doing that, they accept that the orange man is bad in the sense that him being in office means the toddlers will keep screaming. They accept the framing.

But here’s the thing; Trump supporters and conservatives in general are not dealing with toddlers. They’re not dealing with misled, but well intentioned people, or people who simply have different views. No, the American right is dealing with powerful entities that want them silenced, jailed and in many cases, a-lot worse.

The narratives pushed against Trump supporters are malicious, don’t kid yourselves. For weeks all we heard was that officer Brian Switnick — who was a big Trump supporter himself — was “beaten to death with an American flag” by an angry mob of “insurrectionists.”

To date, there have been no murder charges filed in regards to Switnick’s death. His death is tragic and mysterious, but a far cry from what we were told.

So why did it even have legs? Why did such a dishonest narrative get accepted so willingly? The answer is  simple; too many conservatives act is if media narratives are spun in good faith as opposed to deliberately biased framing.

Every “scandal” manufactured by the globalist media never turns out to be anything like the grand tale we are told at first. COVID-19 was supposed to leave so many bodies in the streets that we wouldn’t even be able to bury them all. Robert Mueller was supposed to find damming evidence linking Trump to the Russian government. None of this ever comes true, but it’s absolutely rammed in your face no matter how hard you try to run.

Unless you’re an idiot, there’s no reason to accept the media/left’s framing at face value. They are dishonest, they are liars, and they have proven time and time again that they will do whatever it takes to win. Not everyone is an honest person looking to have dialogue with you, not everyone wants to come together. Any conservative that still believes this is a fool, though perhaps well intentioned.

Sadly, it was them who brought us here. They never accepted Donald Trump as President and, predictably, have made it their mission to go after his supporters now that he’s out of office. These are hateful, dangerous people who want nothing to do with other opinions.

I don’t know when it will be, but there will again come a time where the pressure to give in will be fierce. A narrative will be declared that conveniently paints leftist political opponents as enemies and the entire media industrial complex will demand you accept it. They’re very good at making it seem as though “everyone” is on board with a particular issue, but it’s up to individual conservatives to see through this. If anyone right of Stalin still fails to see this, they’re either stupid or willfully burying their heads in the sand. Dishonest individuals and mass media corporations don’t deserve to be believed, so stop doing it and accepting their framing of every issue.

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