New Yorkers Blame “White Nationalism” For Attack On Asian Man Even Though The Assailant Was Black

Hundreds of New York City activists marched against “white nationalism” this past weekend in response to an attack on an elderly Asian man. The rally took place despite the fact that the suspect arrested for the stabbing, is black.

61 year-old Noel Quintana was viciously attacked at random while riding the NYC subway to work on Wednesday, February 3rd. Quintana — a Filipino-American man who works for a non-profit that assists the mentally challenged — was slashed in the face with a box-cutter and had to receive close to 100 stitches. “I asked for help, but nobody helped,” Quintana said of the senseless attack.

Pictured is the suspect in the Noel Quintana attack, who has since been arrested

Despite the fact that the attacker was black, NYC activists blamed “white nationalism” for the assault. The marchers chanted “whose streets, our streets” and held up signs with slogans like “white nationalism is the virus.”

The Quintana attack is one of several recent, brutal assaults against elderly Asian victims. On January 28, 84 year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was murdered after a random attack in Oakland’s Anza Vista neighborhood. Surveillance video shows the suspect randomly barreling into Ratanapakdee, who was walking home. Ratanapakdee suffered severe hemorrhaging and never regained consciousness.

19 year-old Antoine Watson was arrested and charged with murder following the assault. Watson — a black male — has pled not guilty to the charges.

Like the attack on Quintana, far left activists blamed Ratanapakdee’s murder on “white nationalism.”

These high profile incidents, as well as others, have been gaining national attention. Actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu offered a $25,000 reward for information regarding a random attack on a 94 year-old Asian man in Oakland’s Chinatown. The attack in question was very similar to the Ratanapakdee, in which a suspect randomly shoved the man. Eventually, 28 year-old Yahya Muslim was arrested for a series of attacks on the elderly in Chinatown. He sounds like another white nationalist, don’t you think?

In Oakland, Asian citizens have started to form neighborhood watch-style organizations to safeguard against the attacks.

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