Cindy Marten poised to enter Dept. of Education with radical ideas


Incoming president Joe Biden’s selection for Deputy Secretary of Education is causing a stir. Cindy Marten, a superintendent in San Diego, was chosen by the incoming administration to work under Education Secretary appointee Miguel Cardona.

She made news for controversial policies and practices she oversaw regarding perceived systemic racism in education. Cindy Marten has supported “anti-racist therapy” for white educators.

Recently, she hired a woman named Bettina Love to lead an effort to promote “diversity and inclusion” initiatives in the district. Love was tabbed by Marten to give a speech, in which she mentioned that white teachers are guilty of “spirit murdering of black children”.

Love stated in her presentation to San Diego public school officials that “whiteness reproduces poverty, failing schools, high unemployment, school closings, and trauma for people of color.”  She also mentioned that “white educators must take responsibility” for their benefiting from and perpetuating “white supremacy culture”.

These findings were reported by City Journal’s Chris Rufo, as part of a larger effort to expose some of the more radical examples of critical race theory in education. Rufo has also shone a light on critical race theory in the bureaucracy.

His efforts led to an executive order from President Trump that ended critical race theory based training and seminars in government agencies. This EO is expected to be overturned by the incoming Biden administration.

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