Donald Trump Should Have Left Twitter for Parler Well Before the Election


President Trump missed a massive opportunity by not joining Parler much earlier. Obviously, that is a moot point right now. Parler has recently been axed by Amazon and Apple at the behest of the Cathedral. It is however something worth looking back at as a huge tactical error.

Recent reports have noted that Trump’s son in law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, had a lot to do with the President not joining the fledgling social media platform.

Parler was removed from the App Store, and then kicked off of Amazon’s web hosting service following the infamous raid on the Capitol. Parler was blamed for not moderating its users’ supposed calls for violence at the January 6th rally, though it was later determined that most of the organizing had been done on Facebook. Nonetheless, Parler was the scapegoat and paid the ultimate price.

Had Trump joined Parler and abandoned Twitter much sooner, he could have crippled Twitter and strengthened its top competitor. This would have been a huge win against a company that has repeatedly silenced and shadowbanned Trump’s supporters. Even for those who can’t stand Trump, nobody would deny that the news cycle revolved around what the orange man fired off from his phone at 6am each morning. This would have translated to Parler had he joined sooner. It also would have forced the media to cover the discussion on Parler. Trump could have changed Parler from the “conservative safe space” to the platform that controls the discourse. A platform that embraces free speech controlling American discourse instead of Silicon Valley? Sign me up.

When Trump decided to finally join, it was too little too late. Parler was blamed (wrongly) for facilitating the violent mob, and it was wiped out.

A handful of bad actors now control what is considered truth. Had Trump joined Parler much sooner, it would have gotten too big for Amazon and Apple to take down, at least as easily as they did. Now, the fight for online free speech is the biggest fight of our generation. Nobody should have a monopoly on the truth, especially those who use their monopoly to gain and wield power.

For all the good Trump did, this was one big missed opportunity.

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