The 6-10 Giants Blaming the Eagles for Missing the Playoffs is Insanely Hilarious


Since the Eagles Week 17 loss to the Washington Redskins (screw you, PC police), New York Giants players, coaches, and fans have been absolutely livid. An Eagles victory would have given the NFC East to the G-Men. Instead, Washington got its first division title in almost a decade.

The controversy came about when Eagles head coach Doug Pederson pulled starting QB Jalen Hurts in lieu of backup Nate Sudfeld early in the 4th quarter of a close game. Any chance that the Eagles may have had with Hurts was squandered when Sudfeld entered. Giants players took to social media to voice their displeasure.

Giants coach Joe Judge also joined the discussion.

What a travesty! Who would tank for a better draft pick? 

That said, it’s easy to understand the frustration. Of course you want your team to make the playoffs, and seeing your hated rival screw you over by not even trying What isn’t being mentioned often enough though, is that the Giants are 6-10. Yes, players and coaches on a 6-10 team are crying that the big bad 4-win Eagles wouldn’t help hand them the participation trophy that is the NFC East division title.

We know that if the shoe were on the other foot, Giants fans would be laughing their asses off at the Eagles and their fans. “Go drain your sorrow in a case of Yuengling and throw D batteries at Santa you POS”.  

As an Eagles fan, I’m happy the Eagles lost, and couldn’t care less about how they decided to make that a reality. I would not care if they walked off the field at halftime. Pissing off the Giants and their fans is a really nice bonus along with that higher draft pick. Hopefully, whoever the Eagles pick will really stick it to the G-Men next season.

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