Conservatives Love Nothing More Than Stabbing Their Allies In The Back

When we’re talking about “conservatives”, it’s sort of a catch all term. Just about every American with right wing beliefs has considered themselves a “conservative” at one point or another. Over these last four or so years, however, I’ve come to learn that conservatism doesn’t do much conserving. More often than not, the mainstream conservatives of today simply present themselves as the progressives of ten years ago. They’ll rail against modern progressives and call them insane, but in another ten years, the goal posts for what “conservatives” are supposed to be conserving will have moved again.

Of course, this is hardly something that can be pinned on conservative voters. Time and time again, from the Tea Party era through the Trump Presidency, right wing politicians have been running on one thing and doing another. The pre-Trump GOP was the party of forever wars and soulless corporatism, and Washington insiders are eager to return to that party.

On top of that, social pressure aimed at conservatives can be tough to overcome. Most teachers, university professors and almost the entire media view their political leanings as moral certainties that cannot be questioned. There’s certain things they simply will not allow one to say or think, and a-lot of people can’t handle that.

I think ultimately, most people who consider themselves “conservative” are individualistic and honest. They want to believe in a world where everyone will respect each other’s beliefs and they’re willing to put effort into that becoming a reality. There is nothing wrong with this mentality, seeing as how individualism has always been part of the core of American identity.

With that said, American ideals only work if everybody agrees to the rules. Sure, Americans can and should disagree on matters of policy, but no country can function without core principles holding it together. Americans of the past have had different visions, but they all largely agreed on a basic framework that held things together. If one side starts to take issue with the fundamentals of a nation, the state cannot stand.

Sadly, and as much as Ben Shapiro fanboys may not want to admit it, this has happened already. The modern left does not agree with anything this has historically stood for. That’s not some blanket, baseless statement, it is simply the reality. Why else would the left, along with establishment Republicans, fight so viciously against a President whose message is “America First?”

The fundamental message behind last summer’s riots was that America is an irredeemable, imperialist, racist state that cannot be reformed. Everything that white Americans have is due to systemic racism, the American flag is racist, all cops are bastards and wealth needs to be redistributed to people of color.

This is the platform of the modern left, but sadly, most conservatives don’t even have the balls to admit that. At least where I’m from, which admittedly is a blue heartland, conservatives seem to think any resistance that goes beyond polite disagreement is out of bounds. Even when self-described Marxists were burning down cities, conservatives still, in some cases, literally got on their knees. There’s an almost pathological altruism that blinds American conservatives from taking a blunt look at the situation.

Leftists openly state that they want nothing to do with Trump supporters, but conservatives grovel to gain their approval. When we’re talking about the Turning Point USA/Ben Shapiro tier political careerists, they seem to just calculate statements that split the middle of any argument. If the argument was “should Trump supporters be placed in concentration camps”, Ben Shapiro fanboys would say; “I may not agree, but wanting to put Trump supporters in camps is your right as an American :).”

A recent high profile example of this cowardice is Nicholas Sandmann’s unnecessary call out of his former attorney, Lin Wood.

A quick run down for those who don’t know, Sandmann is the former Covington Catholic High School student who became the target of an online lynch mob after he merely smiled at a Native American man. Without taking any time to verify any of the accusations thrown at the teenager, mainstream journalists and Twitter activists assailed him. They accused him of starting an altercation with the man — 64 year-old Nathan Phillips — and compared the teen to segregation era racists. Tweets and statements calling for Sandmann to be punished were shared millions of times, pushed to the front page of Reddit and plastered all over mainstream media for hours. More than one prominent left wing activist called for physical violence against Sandmann. When more complete footage emerged showing radical activists yelling slurs at the teenagers, the lynch mob began to back-track.

Following the viscous, politically motivated slander that came about simply because Nicholas Sandmann was wearing a MAGA hat, the teenager’s family pursued several lawsuits against major media outlets. Lin Wood was Sandmann’s lead attorney and when all was said and done, Wood was instrumental in winning the family millions of dollars in settlements. Sandmann has since gone on to become a rising generation Z political figure on the right and even spoke at the RNC this past summer.

As for Lin Wood, he has been involved with outside legal efforts concerning the election. He has been very passionate about the election and subsequent fraud claims and has told voters at a Georgia rally that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler were not worthy of votes from Trump supporters. But in recent weeks, Mr. Wood has been making some rather grand and provocative claims. A few days ago, he tweeted that Mike Pence is guilty of “treason” and said he should “face the firing squad.”

Wood also stated that Jeffery Epstein is alive and most recently claimed to have video evidence of Barrack Obama performing a child murder.

Following the Pence tweets, Sandmann quote tweeted his former attorney and criticized him. “I’m sorry but what the hell,” Sandmann said in reference to one of Wood’s tweets.

For no reason at all, a guy who was the target of an online lynch mob simply because he wore a MAGA hat, felt the need to take a shot at someone who has done him a great service. Now why do this? I could see if Lin Wood tagged him in the tweet and said something like “can’t wait for Pence to be arrested for treason, right Nick?”

If that happened, Sandmann would be justified in calling him out. But Wood never mentioned Sandmann, his former client simply felt the need to call him out for internet points. Who is pleased by this exactly? The same radicals who called for Sandmann’s head and the establishment GOP lifers who had no problem throwing him to the wolves themselves.

Lin Wood may be saying some nutty stuff on Twitter dot com, but why do conservatives always feel the need to make sure they get a Reasonable statement on record, even at the expense of their friends and allies?

It comes back to conservatives not wanting to take a look at reality. The people who wanted Nicholas Sandmann’s life destroyed for smiling aren’t looking for a compromise and they aren’t going to respect you for knifing your allies in the back. No matter how much you may not want to believe it, ideologies do in fact corrupt people. There isn’t a middle of the road solution to every problem, and there especially isn’t one when your core beliefs aren’t acceptable to the other side.

If American patriots don’t want to be wiped out, they need to stop being conservative and go on the offensive. They need to stop cowering to people who hate them and have uncompromising values. The people who openly hate Western Civilization and cultural values aren’t going to say “hey, that Nick Sandmann sure is reasonable” when he makes some big brained “both sides” statement. They’ll be back to labeling him as a “white supremacist” in no time, and won’t bat an eye.

Sadly, too many conservatives never seemed to have learned that you don’t get anywhere with bullies and tyrants by appeasing them. I’m willing to give Nick Sandmann the benefit of the doubt because he didn’t ask to be thrust into the spotlight, but his unneeded call out of Wood is simply one example of many instances where this type of thing happens. Time and time again, conservatives throw their allies under the bus in hopes of a brief moment where people say “that guy sure is reasonable!”

It’s never happening, and conservatives need to get real and understand that unchecked radicals have been on the war path for some time.

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