Ben Sasse and Adam Kinzinger are Vying for Mitt Romney’s Status as Biggest RINO

Good luck finding a conservative who actually likes the GOP. Until Trump, only a few Republican politicians enjoyed widespread approval among the base. The Tea Party wave elevated several Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, but this is the exception rather than the rule. The Republican Party as a whole continues to be a disappointment. 

Mitt Romney has been the poster boy for the weak-kneed, spineless GOP establishment since he let Obama put him on a leash in 2012. However, he has some serious competition for most cucked Republican: Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, with an honorable mention going to Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger.

Sasse, Romney, and Kinzinger are relics of an embarrassing era of “conservative” politics. No longer should politicians like these be allowed any meaningful positions of leadership in the GOP.

Sure, Romney was the only Republican in the senate who voted to impeach President Trump over a simple phone call with a fellow leader (the premise of the phone call turned out to be warranted). However, when conservatives were in need of support, Sasse and Kinzinger gave the middle finger to those who supported them.

Recently, Sasse and Kinzinger have transformed from useless establishment pawns to actively opposing those who elected them. They have both become popular among the mainstream media, appearing regularly to beg for approval of the liberal elite. Sad!

It’s one thing when GOP politicians allow themselves to be walked on. That happens on any day ending in “y”. But it’s another thing when one attacks his colleagues with slurs like “institutional arsonists” or “grifters”, referring to fellow Republicans who dare to stand up for their voters and object to certifying Biden’s alleged victory.

Opposing the left is difficult enough. They enjoy full institutional control. They control the flow of information via big tech and corporate media. Having someone inside your ranks who is willing to attack and undermine the agenda of his own base makes any real progress impossible. This seems to be a recurring issue for Republicans. While there are warring factions within both parties, the Democrats seem to unite when it matters most. 

Sure, Sasse voted on Trump’s judicial appointments, but his duty to his base ends there. I’d be curious to hear what Nebraska voters have to say about Sasse. This state (minus the 2nd district) voted overwhelmingly for President Trump.

As with every representative, Kinzinger will be up for re-election in 2022. One must assume that there will be a strong primary challenge in the race for IL-16. Sadly, Sasse was re-elected in 2020, after winning his primary over challenger Matt Innis by a 3-1 margin. Nebraskans will have to wait until 2026 to send Mitt 2.0 back to the cornfields.

It has been speculated in the past that Ben Sasse would perhaps take a run at the presidency. It’s possible that in 2012 he could have had some success, but this rhetoric will not garner him any support among the GOP base. Maybe the Lincoln Project grifters will emerge from the sewers of the DC swamp to back the Sasse 2024 campaign. Hell, they’d be better off pushing Nikki Haley down our throats.

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