Conservatives Consistently Lose To A Paper Tiger Because They Have No Balls

It truly amazes me that conservatives still try to engage with the radical left in good faith. Not all left wing people are in on some massive scheme, many just don’t like Trump’s crude rhetoric or one thing or another; but nobody can deny that the radical left holds all the punching power. It is totally and completely acceptable to label Trump supporters as Nazis or white supremacists and it has been normalized to cut off all contact with anyone who expresses mildly right wing opinions. People have lost their jobs or been banned from financial services simply for supporting Trump. A high school student had his name dragged through the dirt while being compared to segregation era racists simply because he smirked at someone while wearing a MAGA hat.

All across the country, most conservatives keep their heads down and move along. They hear casual conversations between co-workers about how evil Trump supporters are. People will even walk up and immediately start bad mouthing Trump because they just automatically assume you agree. Anti-Trump rhetoric is all that gets pushed to the top of every mainstream media outlet, every talk show and every trend on social media. It’s so overpowering that you can’t blame Trump supporters for refusing to even engage.

If you engage in real life, you will be in the wrong. Some people might just outright shun you and there are several cases of families cutting off Trump supporters. Engage on social media, and you’ll get smoked. That’s firmly their turf and unless you have a big following that specifically follows for politics, you will get obliterated.

Left wing online lynch mobs are also entirely consequence free. They’re composed of people who have never been in a fight a day in their lives, so they’ll drop your address from Whitepages with impunity. I mean, why wouldn’t they? They’re mostly upper-middle class losers who have never been told “no” once in their lives. Everyone they talk to agrees with them, the institutions excuse or even encourage their actions, so they truly are off the chain. They’re so narcissistic that they’ll never own their online rhetoric either, which includes shooting cops and vandalizing houses among people I know. Call them out and you’re in the wrong. They’d have no issue posting your address on Twitter then trying to have you prosecuted for hate speech if you simply call them names.

The thing is, pretty much everyone knows this goes on and they know it’s messed up. I’d be willing to bet that more than half of the people who voted for Biden know it’s messed up. Apolitical people who watch it happen know there’s no balance between what a left wing person can say/do as opposed to a right wing person. Everyone knows that leftists bully and intimidate their way to political power. It’s common to hear casual conversations about how “this PC s*it is so stupid”, but nobody ever challenges it.

Sure, people have jobs and responsibilities, but I really wanna know if there’s a breaking point. If someone is still of the Dan Crenshaw/Ben Shapiro mindset — appeasing radicals in hopes of a compromise that will never come — I truly can’t wrap my head around that.

We’re rapidly approaching the point where nothing matters. Leftist and globalist power brokers are so emboldened that they’re probably going to jail Trump. They’ll jail Trump on some frivolous obstruction charges based on hearsay. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have “hate speech” laws by 2023.

Why is this? Well, because they’re ramming through an election that everybody but Biden supporters have doubts about, and nobody cares. An election where Trump was cruising to victory until counts suddenly stopped in the dead of night. Trump voters woke up to see that the President’s massive lead in swing states evaporated thanks to millions of mail-in votes that were counted with little to no oversight. Dozens of sworn affidavits have been signed by lawyers, fraud experts, respected professors and law enforcement personnel alleging fraud and breach of election protocols. These people have testified about irregularities in several swing states and the media simply labels it as “false” and charges on. Judges and politicians are afraid of riots and unrest if they dare challenge it, so they sit on their hands.

Keep in mind these are the same people and institutions that launched baseless investigations into President Trump for years. They called him a “traitor” and a “Russian asset” without a shred of evidence. All the Mueller report ever yielded was Russian Facebook trolls posting memes with less reach than any average teenage influencer. Outside the Facebook trolls, they found nothing other than some process crimes that had nothing to do with the Russian government.

When the Mueller report yielded nothing, they impeached Trump anyway for something unrelated. I’d be willing to bet that 90% of the people who supported it — I’m going as high as 90% — have no clue why Trump was impeached. They do know that it was good, however.

So is it out of the question that people who have shown they will break any norm in the name of stopping Trump, would rig an election? Is it out of the question that media companies with unquestionable power, who ran cover for Biden during the election, would turn a blind eye to fraud if not outright support it?

See, leftists crossed the Rubicon a long time ago. They’ve shown that they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty, they’ll engage in dishonest propaganda. Journalists coordinate as to how they’re going to stop Trump and they’ll go below belt for the “greater good” without batting an eye. They unleash terror and psychological warfare on their enemies and have powerful institutions backing them up.

But at the end of the day, the radical left are a sad collection of people. Drugged out Antifa type people are always a bad day away from committing suicide, but the true menace is the rich, white leftist. You cannot encounter a more narcissistic, out of touch group of people. They poison the well with race relations and empower radical movements in neighborhoods they don’t live in. The bulk of neighborhoods that experienced rioting are seeing sharp rises in violent crime.

Of course, most of the people suffering in these communities are black, but rich, white leftists have tapped out. The election has passed, social media points have been collected and they’ve moved on to wanting their student loans paid. They so shamelessly pimp off black people’s grievances to get even with other white people, which is something Malcom X. spoke about.

This is what the right/conservatives are up against though. Wanna talk “white privilege?”, these people are the definition of it. The most insane leftists I know are from upper-middle class families, social media obsessed and spoiled. They look down on blue collar workers because they’re not as “intelligent” as they are, even if said leftist is unemployed and producing nothing but interest on student loans. They’ll call to defund the police even though the only thing they issue in their neighborhoods are speeding tickets; then call those same cops if you call them out for tweeting about shooting cops (this is a real thing that happened to someone I know).

Sadly, this is what conservatives cower to. Sheltered narcissists who would have benefited so much from an ass beating when they were younger. People who start fires online then run, hide and play the victim if there’s any pushback?

Why do we allow this? Why does the right wing have this “we go low, they go higher” mentality with people who spit in their faces for doing that? Why is the American right adhering to the rules of a sanctioned boxing match while the opponent is using brass knuckles? The reality is pretty simple really: most conservatives are pussies.

They have mostly have an “I’ve got mine, so whatever” mentality. Conservatives are more likely to stick a knife in the back of someone further right than them than they are to ever fight back against far left radicals who hate them. It’s easy to take the big brained “both sides” approach when they aren’t mining your twitter for wrong-think or burning down your business. But they will come for everyone eventually eventually, unless they’re fine with living life on their knees.

This entire mess could be fixed if right wing men simply had the balls to put weak, online tough guys in their place. If they had the balls to simply state their political beliefs. They won’t though, and as I’ve learned from personal experience, they’ll sooner attack someone like me than the people making “accountability lists.”

Sooner rather than later, conservatives and the right in general needs to learn that not everything is a superhero movie. There are bad people in the world and dangerous ideologies can and do corrupt. Some of the people we all grew up with chose to be intolerant, radical pieces of garbage. That isn’t on you, but inaction certainly is. Do you want to leave your kids at the mercy of a vengeful mob just because you didn’t want to make some girl with “ACAB” in her bio mad online in 2020? Are you really scared of some punk ass lax bro who wears vineyard vines? Most conservatives seem to be. They’ll turn a blind eye to people being put in camps if it would mean one more weekend of the NFL.

I’d love to be proven wrong, but I’ve lost hope. I expect nothing from conservatives except a stab in the back. Again, it will be their children who truly don’t have a prayer at making something of themselves, but they seem to be cool with this. Can’t rock the boat, can’t have beliefs that might make literal commies upset. So what they’re stealing the election? Anything to make the noise stop, anything to get the temper tantrum to cease. Conservatives just keep their heads down and shut up, because no ideology has ever murdered millions of people before, right?

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  1. When every thing from the media to the legal establishment is against them, what do you think conservatives without money have the choice to do? Are you asking them to riot and destroy left wing people?
    You expect these people to give up their careers and they’ve been told their whole lives to obey and follow the law. What real solution do you have other than being mad they don’t speak up at the cost of their jobs? The courts have failed them, Faux News has turned on them, VP Pence has betrayed them, the “conservative court” has failed them, the Republican Party backstabbed Trump, and perhaps President Trump himself has chosen not to fight. The few that made their way to DC are losing their jobs, others are being put on no-fly lists for yelling at Romney, etc. What real solution do you have when the core ideology of that group has been to respect and follow the law?

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