Latinx is the New Favorite Term not for Latinos but for Annoying White Liberals

Like every new politically correct term, “Latinx” started on the fringes and is making its way into the mainstream. For those of you unenlightened bigots, Latinx is a way of saying that someone is of Latino heritage, but without pissing off purple-haired gender studies majors. Latinx is the inclusive choice, since the O in Latino or the A in Latina won’t suffice for someone who identifies with one of the other 590,345 made up gender identities.

On more than 1 occasion, I found myself trapped in a room with the television tuned to Good Morning America, or more specifically, the shittier afternoon version of GMA. One of the anchors (a white woman, of course) asked one of *President-Elect Biden’s cabinet picks about the diversity of the incoming cabinet and if there was sufficient Latinx representation. 

Now that ABC uses it, everyone does, right? Nope. Apparently, Latinos hate it too. Who would have expected? According to Pew Research, 3% of Latinos use the term to describe their heritage. 76% percent of Latinos polled had never even heard the term.

In perhaps the funniest and most ironic twists, some super woke people reject it because they consider it an “anglicism” of the Spanish language. So in other words, it’s cultural appropriation. Can’t make this stuff up. Woke, politically correct ideology has never been based on any objective reality. Because of this, conflicts between which victim group gets preference are common.

Affluent, educated white people are often the driving force behind most of these woke, left-wing movements and social causes. It’s no surprise that Latinos aren’t on board with the hip new vernacular. They have other concerns, the least of which is worrying about engineering the gender out of their native language.

Regardless of how absurd this is, this shit will be widespread in a few years. Critical race theory continues to surge through society unabated. Can’t wait for when my future children come home from school to tell me about their Latinx history homework and their white privilege class. What a bright future we have!

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