Dillon Danis Responds After Jake Paul Drive-By Water Balloon Attack

Dillon Danis has responded to Jake Paul after the YouTuber’s drive-by water balloon attack in LA. On Tuesday, Paul posted a video of him and his entourage yelling “pu**y” and “bi**h” at the MMA fighter while chucking water balloons and toilet paper. Danis, who was doing some type of press event, ran up to the truck and threw a roll of toilet paper back at Paul as the truck sped away.

Jake Paul has been angling for a fight with Conor McGregor in recent weeks, which led to the Danis altercation. Paul offered McGregor $50 million to fight him earlier in the week and is only following two people on Instagram, Conor Mcgregor’s wife Dee Devlin and Savannah Montano, who is currently dating Danis. The YouTuber also changed his profile picture to a shot of Dillon Danis being hit with a roll of toilet paper.

Danis responded to the attack on Wednesday in two tweets. He first mocked how someone in the car said “dip dip dip,” as Danis approached the car. “El Jefe” then posted a meme mocking Paul for running away.

Dillon Danis is perhaps best known for being the target of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s infamous fence jump at UFC 229. Danis was suspended seven months for his role in the brawl while punishments were also doled out to Khabib, McGregor and other members of Khabib’s team.

Danis is currently signed with Bellator and holds a professional record of 2-0. Both of his wins have come via first round submission. This is on brand for Danis, who has a BJJ black belt. His striking has been described as a “work in progress” by SBG Dublin coach John Kavanagh, which could make a boxing match with Jake Paul very intriguing.

Paul has traded barbs with several members of the MMA community in recent days. Dana White said there is a “0% chance” that a bout between Paul and McGregor happens, though he did offer a fight with Amanda Nunes. “Right now baby, there is nobody in this ****ing world who is promoting the UFC more than me,” Paul said in an Instagram story in response to White. “I’m the number one search result on Google when you type in Conor McGregor, when you type in UFC, when you type in Dana White,” he continued.

Though Paul has yet to secure a contract for a bout with McGregor or Dillon Danis, he has received more than one UFC call out. Amanda Nunes said she was down for a bout with Paul while Mike Perry said he would let Darren Till corner him if given the opportunity. Nate Diaz also called out Paul via Twitter, calling him a “spoiled f**k.”

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