Nate Diaz Calls Out Jake Paul via Twitter; “U spoiled f**k”

Nate Diaz called out Jake Paul via Twitter in the most Nate Diaz way possible on Monday evening. “Jake Paul u need your ass beat for free u spoiled fu** u can’t really fight dumbsh** your gonna end up with your ass whooped for real somewhere talking like that,” Diaz said in a tweet. “Out of pocket,” he said in another.

Interestingly enough, Diaz’s tweets seemed to be in response to Jake Paul’s call for a bout with Conor McGregor, who of course is the arch rival of Diaz. Paul called for a bout with McGregor before and after the Robinson bout and most recently said he would pay McGregor $50 million to fight him. Diaz, who has always made respect of the fight game a main priority, took offense.

Paul of course stole the show after knocking out former NBA player Nate Robinson on the undercard if Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. The viscous KO notched Paul his second professional victory in as many attempts. Paul previously defeated YouTuber AnEsonGib on the undercard of his brother Logan’s second clash with rapper/YouTuber, KSI. Paul’s knockout, along with YouTube boxing in general, drew praise from Tyson. “They should give these guys some belts because these guys make boxing alive,” Tyson said when asked about YouTube boxing.

The bout between Logan Paul and KSI was DAZN’s third most streamed fight of 2019. Logan Paul recently secured a high profile call out and subsequent fight contract himself, as the elder Paul brother will be fighting Floyd Mayweather on pay-per-view in February.

With the Diaz call out of Jake Paul, it’s hard to argue that the Paul brothers have become the most sought after opponents in the combat sports industry, behind only Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

As for Nate Diaz, he didn’t fight for the UFC in 2020 following a loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 in late 2019. The fight was called prior to the third round due to a cut above and below Diaz’s eye. Being the fighter he is, Diaz wanted to continue, but the fight was waved off. Masvidal called for a rematch despite winning the fight rather handily, but that has yet to materialize.

A third bout with Conor McGregor has often been mentioned for Diaz, but that hasn’t come together either. McGregor is currently set to fight Dustin Poirier in January at UFC 257.

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