Sarah Fuller and How Nobody Wants To State The Obvious Anymore

Sarah Fuller has been making history recently as the first female football player in Power 5 history. This past Saturday, Fuller kicked two extra points in Vanderbilt’s 47-12 loss to Tennessee. In the previous week, Fuller became the first woman to play in a Power 5 game when she kicked the ball off to start the second half.

Fuller’s kick for the 0-9 Vanderbilt Commodores was very short, only reaching the opponent’s 35-yard line. Fuller’s kick traveled 30 yards in total, which amounts to more of a squib kick. Power 5 kickers routinely put the ball in the end zone.

Her opportunity came when Vanderbilt was down several special teams players due to COVID-19 protocols. They started practicing with Fuller and decided to deploy her in a game situation. For the Mizzou game, Sarah Fuller was the only kicker who dressed for the team.

If you checked social media or heard about this via mainstream media channels, you would get the impression that everybody is praising this remarkable achievement. Left wing journalists have showered Fuller with praise while dog profile pictures who have never watched a single half of football attack everyone who mocks it out on Twitter. Tweets praising Fuller are liked tens of thousands of times by (totally not rapist) male feminists in search of GoodBoy points.

But of course, the vast majority of people know this is ridiculous. They don’t care enough to cause a stir over it, but they see it as a joke. It’s not even a left-right issue, it’s just a case of an 0-9, liberal university injecting politics into a lost football season as a gimmick. Of course those pushing this story would never call it political, but that’s clearly what it is. This is one of those things that people mock in an Xbox live party or a bar, even if they don’t make a fuss over it publicly.

That exact mentality is what has allowed left wing fundamentalists to intimidate their way to social and political power. Whenever something stupid like the Sarah Fuller gimmick happens, the average joe knows it’s crazy but won’t say anything about it. They’ll talk in private about how insane Twitter mobs are, but ultimately, they fear Twitter mobs. Most people don’t want thousands of rich white girls spamming their mentions if they go against the latest dopamine harvest, so they keep their head down and say nothing.

The end result is a tiny minority absolutely running the table in a social sense. How many people do you personally know who voted for Donald Trump, but would never admit it publicly? The powers that be know this, and they know that they can hammer millions of pro-Trump Americans into silence via social pressure. It’s how a dangerously questionable election has been shrugged off, how insane COVID restrictions continue to gut the working class, and how we went from debating gay marriage to drag queen story time being unquestionable within ten years.

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The numbers for “social justice warriors” never typically grow. It’s always been mostly white and mostly female from my experience. The men who back radical left wing views and social agendas are typically weak, upper-middle class and insulated. They know their persona is fake and they know that they say things that go beyond politics; make threats online they would never intend on backing up. But they also know they don’t have to face the same consequences as those who go against the grain. So they’ll bark, they’ll circle jerk on Twitter and call you names, but that’s all that will happen.

Still, this seems to scare people. Nobody wants to push back against what they know to be fundamentally insane in fear of being doxed or dragged on Twitter.

Past a certain point, people really need to stand up and push back. The Sarah Fuller stunt is just a microcosm of how the church of leftism operates. In place of a religion, nihilists and idealists police others in search of moral superiority. Everything that goes wrong in the world is because the bad people can’t just do what leftists do. It’s not enough to simply follow the tenets of this religion either. Fundamentalists must re-affirm and praise its every teaching.

Think Sarah Fuller was a gimmick? You’re an “insecure male”, an incel. Nobody likes you, nobody agrees with you, and many will rake you over the coals on Twitter for stating what you and your friends unanimously agree on in private. Sarah Fuller playing football is 100% based on merit and nobody questions this.

Of course plenty of women know this is a stunt too, but things like Twitter quite literally have men by the balls. Can’t make queen daddy issues with “ACAB” in her bio upset.

Nobody is howling at the moon over this or making it a centerpiece of their daily lives. But it is clearly political, it’s clearly stupid, and despite widespread agreement, hardly anybody ever states the obvious.

So stop running. It starts with pushing back at the simple things. Far left fundamentalists inject politics into every and all situations, and that’s why they win. Start fighting back and embrace the cultural shift.

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