President Trump is Right To Call The 2020 Election a ‘Coup Attempt’

“A coup is taking place in front of our eyes, and the public can’t take this anymore,” President Trump said in a tweet. The President was quoting a Georgia rally-goer who feels disenfranchised amidst mounting evidence of election fraud.

Georgia is one of several states that has observed numerous election irregularities, in addition to fraud allegations. The Peach State in particular was the site of one of the election’s most high profile incidents when a “pipe burst” in Fulton County caused the count to stop in the early morning hours of November 4, 2020. Poll watchers at the State Farm Arena were told to go home following the pipe burst incident only to have the count resume once they were gone. Video footage shows poll workers continuing to count ballots that were retrieved from suitcases underneath a table. The bulk of these ballots were mail-in or absentee and overwhelmingly went for Biden.

“I saw four suitcases come out from underneath the table,” said a witness in reference to the video, which was presented by Rudy Giuliani at a Georgia hearing on December 3rd. “What are these ballots doing there separate from all the other ballots? Why are they counting them when the place was cleared out with no witnesses?…These machines can process about 3000 ballots an hour. You have multiple machines there and they’re there for two hours. How many ballots went through those machines and those two hours when there was no-one there to supervise, be present to supervise, to be present, consistent with [Georgia] statutes and rules,” Giuliani said at the hearing.

Pennsylvania has been another hot spot of election irregularities and fraud allegations. Computer Fraud expert Gregory Stenstrom testified that the election process in Delaware County, PA — a heavily populated Philadelphia suburb — was “forensically destructive” based on what he observed. Stenstrom, like dozens of other witnesses, have signed affidavits alleging serious election flaws that threaten the integrity of the results. Witnesses in key swing states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona have made fraud allegations under threat of perjury.

In addition to witness testimony and other evidence, data and statistics exerts have been throwing the challenge flag in regards to the election. Williams College Professor Steven Miller — a highly respected mathematician — questioned up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots in a sworn affidavit. Williams, a Princeton graduate, questions the election results when compared with election data and his own phone interviews with voters.

Russell Ramsland, the co-owner of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), determined that Michigan’s election results were a “physical impossibility.”

Ramsland — who was worked for NASA and now specializes in detecting election fraud — said as much in a sworn affidavit. Ramsland called into question not just the results of Wayne Count, which includes Detroit, but the state as a whole. “Based on the significant anomalies and red flags that we have observed, we believe there is a significant probability that election results have been manipulated,” he wrote.

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Despite an abundance of evidence and eyewitness testimony from highly respected sources, the media has gone full court press in an effort cast doubt on fraud claims. Any sharing of fraud related stories or allegations are flagged with disclaimers or outright removed on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The corporate press — who ran cover for and cheered on the politically motivated Mueller investigation — are presented as the sole arbiters of what is fact and fiction. Despite ongoing court cases, sworn affidavits and 27 states now suing four others in regards to election integrity flaws, the Washington establishment and their big tech/media allies simply dismiss it all.

This relentless, mask off assault on Trump and his presidency — which has been taking place since before Trump was even sworn in — is what the President has referred to as a “coup attempt.”

Trump has referred to the Mueller investigation as a coup attempt in the past. In short, the Mueller investigation was launched on the basis of Russian disinformation, paid for in part by Hillary Clinton, that alleged financial ties between Trump and the Russian Government. A special counsel with boundless resources and a wide reaching scope expanding far beyond “Russian collusion” never found anything close to the grand crimes promised by members of Congress and the mainstream media. Congressman Eric Swalwell — who may very well be compromised due to his involvement with a Chinese spy — repeatedly referred to President Trump as a traitor and Russian agent.

While the Mueller investigation never yielded anything close to evidence regarding treason or collusion, their multi-million dollar team of Harvard lawyers did manage to indict some Trump campaign officials on low level charges. Who would’ve thought? These indictments for minor process crimes, as well as indictments of Russian Facebook trolls who targeted both sides with minimal effect, were presented by the media as undisputed evidence of Trump’s guilt.

Make no mistake, there’s no way that any members of Congress, any mainstream pundits or any other prominent left wing individuals ever actually believed in the accusations levied against Trump. To them, Trump was a threat and must be removed by any means. The accusations were grand, baseless and never remotely proven, but that wasn’t the intention. The Mueller investigation was simply a way of throwing enough mud at the Trump Administration in an effort to cast a cloud over his entire presidency, and they succeeded.

This has never been the type of coup attempt we often think of in third world nations. It’s not a coup where a military dictator is giving a national address, but media institutions and government officials have pushed knowingly false narratives in an effort to undermine the will of the people.

From day one, Trump was bogged down with grand accusations of treason. Normal transition activity between Jeff Sessions and Russian Government officials were reported as “Russian contacts” by the mainstream media. The well was poisoned from the outset and Trump was playing defense against accusations that were eventually proven to be wildly unfounded.

Eventually, the Mueller investigation fizzled out and accusations of collusion between Trump and the Russian government are regarded as a joke anywhere but far left circles. By the time Mueller stated that no Trump campaign officials had colluded with Russia or acted criminally in regards to Russian interference in April, 2019, nobody was talking about the investigation anymore. Suddenly, the grand conspiracies involving Trump’s supposed treason and collusion with Russia weren’t a pressing topic.

It didn’t matter, however, as House Democrats had already moved on to a ham-fisted impeachment of President Trump that was promptly quashed in the Senate. What was Trump impeached for? More unfounded hearsay regarding corruption in Ukraine that to date, Joe Biden has been more credibly accused of than Trump himself. Nobody asked questions though, and despite being just the third President in American history to be impeached, it was hardly discussed leading up to the election.

Honestly, I’d be willing to bet that only a couple dozen Americans could state why Trump was impeached if you asked a random 1,000. More would probably tell you that he colluded with Russia than the democratic coup vote that was passed.

So since an outsider was elected to the White House in Donald Trump, the far left and anti-Trump establishment have accused him of treason and resorted to something as extreme as impeachment simply because they don’t like him. This isn’t even mentioning the untold damage done by anti-Trump rhetoric in regards to social issues. Donald Trump has been casually referred to as a racist, a Nazi and a white supremacist despite record minority turnout in 2020, as well as countless efforts to work with black voters in the form of criminal justice reform.

All of this demoralization and political warfare has been orchestrated, promoted and weaponized by leftist institutions — particularly big tech and the mainstream media. Again, there’s absolutely no way that the people in power believe any of the accusations they’ve levied against Trump. The ends justify the means and their goal of turning a large swath of the country against Trump at all costs has succeeded. They’ve also largely succeeded in demoralizing many conservatives/Trump supporters. Relentless censorship and social pressure has beaten many right-leaning individuals into submission since 2016. As a result, they expect conservatives to lay down and accept extremely questionable election results without so much as a whimper in defense.

The coordinated, “win at all costs” tactics employed by Trump’s enemies can only be described as a coup attempt. It’s been going on since 2017 and the attempt to ram through an unverifiable election is simply the latest phase.

The people who pushed Russian collusion, weaponized impeachment, launched a witch hunt against Brett Kavanaugh and endorsed BLM riots aren’t looking for a compromise. Members of the political class have ripped the authoritarian mask off while leftists cheer it on. Trump is right to call the years long siege of his administration a coup attempt, and those demanding that his supporters be silent have not an ounce of credibility remaining.

This is and always has been a coup attempt against Trump and everything his voters stand for. It’s far past time for anyone who considers themselves a “conservative” to realize this and act accordingly.

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