Santa Gets Political And Makes Young Boy Cry After Refusing To Gift Him A Nerf Gun

A mall Santa brought a young boy to tears recently after refusing to gift him a nerf gun for Christmas. “Nope, no guns,” the activist Santa said to a child when asked for a nerf gun. The kid then turned around in confusion while liberal Santa dug the hole deeper. “If your dad wants to get it for you that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you,” he continued.

Liberal Santa then offered a list of alternatives before the kid started crying.

That right there is some of the most cringe internet content I’ve seen in quite a while. I mean, can you imagine what it’s gotta be like to be a five year-old in the pandemic landscape? Things are already bad enough for the kid without this mall Santa getting political.

Ultimately, this scumbag is the product of making everything political. Constant life or death rhetoric has convinced a mall Santa that he is a supreme moral arbiter. Is this an innocent five year-old kid? Sure, but guns are dangerous. Even nerf guns can lead to violence in liberal Santa’s eyes, so he just went ahead and made a ruling on this.

It might sound messed up, but it’s for the greater good. By refusing to gift a shy five year-old a nerf gun for Christmas, the mall Santa likely prevented a mass shooting. A small price to pay for ruining some five year old’s belief in Santa.

It’s no joke unfortunately, plenty of people actually think this way. Maybe they aren’t all as tone deaf as liberal Santa, but there is a huge spike in this belief that politics aren’t politics when framed a certain way. You know, the whole “opposing Trump isn’t political, it’s moral” type frame that seems to be everywhere these days. I don’t wanna talk about politics, but *insert sweeping, insanely generalized political statement that there can be no rebuttal to*.

When someone becomes convinced that their opinions are undisputed and morally perfect, the end result is activist Santa. It’s the same mentality that made sports a battleground for left-wing activism and the belief that labeling everyone right of Mitt Romney as a “Nazi” justifies violence. Basically, it’s just narcissism on a mass scale.

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